Saturday, December 7, 2013

Emmy at 22 months

Emmy has really come to life this month!!  Her vocabulary has quadrupled x 10!!  She knows many words and repeats many words.  She is putting them together to form 2 and 3 word phrases.  She has started showing more interest in learning her letters and numbers.  I have heard her count to 10 and only leave out a couple of numbers, but usually she says 1-3-9.  She sings along to the ABC song, but I can't necessarily make out any of the letters she says!

She is showing some interest in potty training and she has been wearing underwear around the house for the past two days without any accidents.  Sometimes she'll tell me she needs to go potty on her own and others she says she needs to go after I ask her.  I would love to think I could get her potty trained an entire year earlier than Bryce!!

Emmy loves to cuddle and be held (unlike her brother at this age) and she is much better about being away from me than Bryce was at this age.  She is very particular like her mama and everything has to be put away or cleaned up in order for her to be happy!
She is wearing size 4 diapers, size 5 shoes, and mostly all 24mo/2T clothes.  Her hair is getting long, but still not coming in much in the front!  She continues to be a great sleeper and is so good about going to bed and nap!  
I wish I were better about keeping notes throughout the month because there are so many cute things that she does and says, but I just can't remember them all when it's time to post them.  At least I only have two more month posts to do!

And for fun, HERE is Bryce's 22 month update.

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Shipley Mommy said...

Emmy you are such a cutie--and I think I love your little personality best. What faces you make to match your mood! :)

And, personally, I love that we have three of your words. I didn't know you said "Gwacie" until Saturday, but she is thrilled. And of course I love that you have been saying mine and Thomas' names for a while now. (It makes you feel good to know you are important enough to get a vocabulary word in a little girls book)