Saturday, December 26, 2015

our christmas celebrations

We started off our festivities at Nana and Pap's house on Thursday afternoon.  Emmy was excited to deliver our presents!
Christmas at Nana and Pap's house.  Notice that Bryce is wearing shorts.  It has been in the 70's this week.  I personally love it.

We enjoyed the Christmas Eve service after dinner and presents.  
Very serious about his candle.

After looking at a few Christmas lights we came home and put on our Christmas pajamas and read the Christmas story before getting all tucked in for bed.

All ready for the kiddos!

Christmas morning cuties!

I'd say they had a great Christmas.

After presents at our house, we went to Jason's parents' house for breakfast and presents.  The kids were ready!

The kids got lots of new games this year!  We can't wait to play them all.

We also went to Jason's grandparents' house, my parents' house and Jason's Grandma's house before the day was over.  The kids even had plenty of time at home with their new toys between stops.  Unfortunately I did not document the holiday very well.  This is all I had between my camera and my phone.  Major fail.  We didn't even take a family photo. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

the christmas bug

Bryce came in yesterday complaining of a sore throat.  It was a rainy day and we didn't have any plans so we stayed at home in our pjs and relaxed all day.  Bryce seemed fine throughout the morning but when he didn't eat much of his lunch and passed on a shopping trip with Nana, I knew he might really be sick.  It wasn't long before I found him like this on the sofa.  If you know Bryce, you know he doesn't slow down for anything.  Anything but sickness!
When he woke up, he had a bit of a fever and he was starting to feel the effects of it.  We gave him some advil and he perked up about an hour later and seemed fine.  With Christmas coming, I wanted to take every precaution so I got a 6:00 appointment (hallelujah for extended hours) to make sure we had the right meds in case it was strep!

So glad my mama intuition kicked in!  Does this look like a kid with strep throat?

Bryce has been wanting a slurpee for a few days so I told him after the doctor we would get one.  I'd say that's the perfect dinner for a boy who has strep throat for the first time and had to endure the throat swab.  He was a champ though!  Our doctor was quite impressed that we hadn't been to the doctor for a sick visit since Bryce was 1.  Crazy!!

Just thought I would continue to document Emmy's naps of Christmas break.  This girl can sleep anywhere.  She likes to nap like her Mama!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Monday was our first official day of Christmas break and it was glorious!  Bryce spent a lot of the day curled up reading a book.
We made Christmas cookies.

We decorated the cookies later at the Jackson's Christmas party!
I started to document Emmy's outfits because we're trying to get all the Christmas ones in before we're out of time.

I'm being lenient on naps during break, but this girl just can't hang without her nap!

We spent the evening at the Jackson's house for a fun Christmas party with our neighbors.

Love these little props.

The kids!

We call ourselves the "BelJackLocks".  If only we could get Jason to smile in pictures!

Jason and I spent Sunday afternoon mistletoe hunting at a friend's house.  We were unsuccessful, but we found a good replacement, ha!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Pap celebrated his 70th birthday back on December 9th and I don't think I ever posted about it.  The kids stuck 70 stars and 70 googly eyes to the poster for emphasis!
Our gift to him was the drive through Illuminate Light Show at our fairgrounds.  We went last night and had a great time.  I didn't get any pictures of the outdoor lights, but I did get this one inside Santa's Village afterwards.
If you're in Richmond, this is a must do at Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

ITAC Christmas party

We went to Jason's work Christmas party last night.  It's not often we get fancied up for a night out!
Then entertainment was a George W. Bush comedian/motivational speaker.  I thought he looked just like him and sounded pretty similar too!

He ended up staying for the entire party so we invited him into the photo booth after dinner, ha!

I am so impressed with Jason's company and the Christian example the president of his company is to the employees.  It was a great night! 

Friday, December 18, 2015

lots of parties

Emmy had her class party on Thursday.  First up was a candy can craft with pipe cleaners and beads.  I tried to keep it simple for myself and the kids, ha!

Santa came by for a little visit.  I'm not going to lie, this was the sketchiest Santa I've ever seen and he called all the kids baby.  Just didn't seem very jolly to me.  I missed the conversation with Jason, but apparently Emmy was very disappointed that Santa didn't have a long beard.

Emmy was excited to take home her cute penguin ornament that was hanging on the tree in her classroom.  

Emmy X 2!

After the kids ate their lunch we did a book exchange.  Emmy was pretty pleased with the book she got to take home!

I went to the annual fourth grade Christmas dinner with the girls I used to teach with last night!  I enjoy spending time with these girls and even though it's not very often, we always pick up right where we left off.  I'm so thankful they continue to include me in their group each year!

Bryce had his turn with the class party this morning.  Unfortunately I was too busy to get any pictures.  This was the only one I captured of our elf pajama wearing boy.

I am officially on Christmas break and I couldn't be happier!  There is no school, no PTA, no MOPs and very little LuLaRoe for the next two weeks!!  I.AM.STOKED!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

a weekend full of santa

My mom found an ad for a Santa train ride a few months back so I booked us a ride!  We went this past Saturday and had a great time!
The warm weather hasn't dampened our Christmas spirit!

We had a little time to explore the small town while we waited for the train.

The train consisted of two typical train cars and two cattle cars.  We opted to sit on the open cars since it was such a beautiful day.

We stopped and picked up Santa and Mrs. Claus for the ride!
Apparently Emmy didn't realize Santa train meant Santa would be ON the train!
Daddy kept her nice and safe from that mean old guy!!  Bryce kind of liked him!

She was a little more open to taking a candy cane from Mrs. Claus.

We went to a little Christmas gathering with friends that night.  We had a yummy fondue dinner!

One of my favorite Hanover traditions is Santa Claus coming through the neighborhoods on the fire truck each Christmas.  Sunday was our day and we were ready and waiting!

To think that Santa came on the fire truck when I was little and they still do it today is so fun!

city lights

We went downtown on Friday night to check out some of the city lights!  Despite the kids wearing heavy coats, it's been unseasonably warm this December and it was almost 70 degrees that day!
I literally had the kids pose in front of everything worthy of a photo, ha!

Emmy insisted on taking a picture in front of this sleigh.

Another photo op, ha!  I'm not a very creative photographer.

The life size gingerbread house.

We stumbled on a candy store on our way out of one of the hotels.  The kids were stoked!  Bryce couldn't even wait until after the picture to stuff his face with candy!