Wednesday, April 28, 2010

clean up

Bryce is already learning to pick up after himself. He kept himself busy for a good 10 minutes this afternoon just dumping out the markers in the mug and putting them back in. He was very serious about his work!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Bryce has quite a belly on him. He got water all over his shirt while we were playing at the water table this afternoon so I let him run around without it. I made the comment to him to "look at that big old belly". He then pinched some belly fat, ha!

He was still quite obsessed with his belly so he had to sit down and get a closer look!

Jason had softball games tonight so we decided to go out and support the team. I know everyone would love a picture of Bryce actually looking at the camera, but he just won't do it.

Bryce and Da-Da. I'm pretty sure he will be calling him Daddy soon. When we were playing in the garage this afternoon I told Bryce he couldn't play with Daddy's toys and he said "Dad-dy".

Sunday, April 25, 2010

14 months

Bryce is 14 months old today! Just so hard to believe.
We feel like he is such a smart little boy. He can repeat or try to repeat just about any word we ask. He also recognizes many things and can name them on his own. I think he is finally getting his 5th tooth. He has gotten very good at saying Chase's name and he is always excited to play with him.

Bryce and Chase spent the afternoon at MeMaw and PaPa's house and had tons of fun. When we picked him up, he and Chase were wearing matching pajamas. They got dirty digging for worms so they had to take a bath and MeMaw had these cute pjs ready for them!

We took Bryce for a wagon ride when we got home. I love how he had his feet propped up and he was just relaxing with his cup in his hand!

We bought Bryce some golf clubs this weekend. He thinks they are bats. He will say club when we correct him, but he still thinks they are bats.


A Boo

Friday, April 23, 2010

water table

Jason went out with the guys tonight so Bryce and I had a fun night at home. We ate dinner out on the deck and enjoyed Bryce's picnic table from MeMaw and PaPa. It even has a cute umbrella for when the sun is out.

He would really rather drink from my water cup than eat or drink anything of his own!

Bryce has been enjoying the big rake that Jason used to clean up bush trimmings earlier in the week. He get so frustrated because it is too big and he can't move it when it gets stuck in the grass. I went out tonight and got him a rake that is more his size.

I have been wanting to get Bryce a water table. I figured now would be a good time since it is warm outside and it won't matter if he is soaked. I'm thinking that a little warmer weather and a bathing suit might be better, ha!

Bryce really wanted to get in the water. I guess it looked like a tub to him and he LOVES the tub and bath time.

He also enjoyed tasting the water, too!

What a great start to the weekend!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

bubble bath

Bryce is loving bubble baths right now. He enjoys feeling the bubbles on his hands, but most off all, eating it!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

fun day

Bryce had a wonderful day at Kelly's today. It's days like today (well everyday, really) that I wish I could stay at home with this sweet little boy!
Kelly took the kids to Maymont (a park with animals) to meet a friend and her kids. Here are all the boys sitting on the bench. I can only imagine how much fun the boys had as well as the moms. I know it's work, but working with your OWN kid is (on most days) WAY better than working with 25 other people's kids (I really do love my job, though)!
Thank goodness Kelly had some pictures to help document this day because I didn't do such a great job this evening, but we did have a great night. Because I love being with other people's kids, ha!, I volunteered to help out at our spring PTO meeting at school tonight. We had the Scholastic book fair in conjunction with the meeting. So while Jason and Bryce ate dinner, played on the playground, and danced to the 5th grade music groups, I signed books the students purchased (because I'm like a celebrity to them, ha!). Bryce was just adorable picking out the books he wanted and sitting on the floor reading them. Most of all, the audience got a kick out of Bryce's dancing and clapping. Too cute! Just wish I had some pictures to show for it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

tomorrow is already monday?!?

Is this little boy photogenic or what?!?
My friend Beth was testing out some new camera equipment before she photographed a wedding this weekend and she captured the above picture of Bryceman. Just look at those big brown eyes!
This is just the sweetest picture of our little man. He was resting his head on the table tonight at dinner and he just looked so cute. I didn't post the picture that followed this one (Jason will be a little upset). Bryce had gotten applesauce all over the table and it was very sticky. Jason enjoyed taking pictures of Bryce's neck skin sticking to the table when he lifted his head up, ha!

Bryce loves the cozy coupe. Jason's grandparents let us have theirs. They said they really wanted Bryce to have it!

so serious

And if you have been keeping up with our house saga, we FINALLY own the new house. Unfortunately we still own the old house, but we have renters who will hopefully be closing on April 30 or by June at the latest.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

blog funk

I've been trying to post a video to the blog since Sunday. I have tried every night this week and it just wouldn't work. It made me so mad so I just gave up and posted nothing this week. Jason finally told me that the video was too big so he tweaked it a little bit and made two videos.

Bryce is learning a new word everyday and it is just the cutest thing ever. My video skills are horrible so I apologize that Bryce is not looking at the camera and all you can see is his head/hair. I just love how Bryce says bubbles.

Bryce has a book with a picture of a baby on the back of it and he has been trying to say baby, but as you can hear in the next video, he just can't get it. He has actually gotten better as the week went on.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

phone pictures

*these pictures may not be great because I took them with my phone

We went to Barnes and Noble on Friday to buy a few books. Bryce really enjoyed the trains, "coo coos", as he calls them. He can't quite make the "ch" sound yet!

He also enjoyed reading some books while we were there.

I took this picture a while ago and just found it on my phone. I'm so glad Bryce likes to read. Here he is in the car on the way home from Kelly's one day.

Friday, April 9, 2010

play room

This playroom is what excited me the most about moving from the old house to the new house. We just had too many toys in too small of a room at the old house. Bryce's new playroom is huge! This is what it looks like at night after Bryce goes to bed and I have had a chance to pick up.

This is what it looks like after a morning of playing.

And everyone has a favorite place to read. Bryce's happens to be IN the book bin!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

random ramblings

Just wanted to share what was on my mind tonight. Everything is covered in pollen and has a yellow tint to it. Thankfully a cold front is coming in tonight which should bring enough rain to wash it away rather than make a paste of ickyness (Jason and I debated y or i.....he won). I got a relaxer put in my hair today and I may finally have relief from my super thick and unmanageable curly hair. Of course I won't really know until I can wash it and style it myself in 48 hours. Isn't that crazy! It's like a perm, but the opposite effect. Bryce is totally off formula and bottles. It didn't take him long to be rid of his daytime bottles. He was really over it. I wanted to keep giving him a night time bottle, but he could have cared less. Now he is a sippy cup, milk drinking boy! We all had the stomach flu this week. Bryce started with it Monday, but thankfully it didn't last long for him. Jason and I both had it by Tuesday. I was better by Wednesday and Jason is finally feeling better today. Not a pleasant way to spend spring break, but at least I didn't have to waste any days. Because you know some day when Bryce is in kindergarten I'm going to need those days for another round of maternity leave, ha!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

spoiled rotten

Bryce is obsessed with basketball right now. So what did I do? I went out and bought him a basketball hoop, of course!

It all started when we moved in and Bryce saw Jason's basketball in the garage. Every morning he would go to the garage door and say ball over and over again. We finally got the ball and took it outside. That's when Bryce found Jason's basketball goal. Of course we had it at the other house, but Bryce never knew it.

Last week Pappy played basketball with Bryce and lifted him up so he could throw the ball into the big hoop. From then on, every time we go outside and he sees the basketball goal, he says ball at least a million times before I can get to the garage to get the ball.

Now every morning he goes straight to the back door and asks for the ball. I decided today that there was no way I was going to be able to lift him to play with the real basketball, so I bought him one that is more his size (and it will grow with him). He held the basketball in his lap the whole way home from Toys R Us. He was SO happy!

I'm pretty sure Jason would have liked to have assembled Bryce's first basketball hoop, but I was pretty proud of myself for getting it done!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday and Monday

Another attempt at a family photo. Maybe one day we'll get a good one. AND maybe, just maybe, I will be wearing a different dress. I'm pretty sure I had on this dress in our family portrait at Christmas and Bryce's baby recognition at church.

I could not snap enough photos of this sweet boy and his new toothy grin. I cannot get over the size gap between his front teeth, but I could still just eat him up!

This is the best I could do for the cousins portrait.

Poor Taylor. I'm not sure if she is falling on her own or if Bryce is pulling her down by her hat.

This is about how all of the cousin portraits have looked. Maybe next year we will start to have some organized photos of the 3 of them. But I still love that goofy grin!

Jason was off today so we took Bryce and Nanny to the Children's Museum. Bryce had a lot of fun checking out the exhibits.

Digging for fossils.

Riding in the back of the truck.

Driving a truck. He loved it! Jason decided it was time to get him a cozy coupe.

Crawling on the mats.

They had the coolest exhibit outside for making music. You could jump on the tiles on the ground and they made different sounds.