Sunday, July 23, 2017


We spent last week in Indian Shores, Florida with Jason's family.

We arrived Saturday evening just in time to watch the sun set!

Jason did a little fishing while we were there.

Emmy happened to be standing on the water's edge and I couldn't resist snapping this picture. I posted it to Instagram with these lyrics from Moana, "See the line where the sky meets the sea?  It calls me!"

Chase and Taylor arrived on Monday afternoon and made the beach experience WAY better.

Best friends!

We re-created some beach pictures from back in 2015.  Click HERE and scroll down a little ways.  

There was lots of sand castle building.  

Or should I say spa building!  Nothing like a pedicure on the beach!

My boy!

I didn't take very many pictures so I tried to get us all in before it was too late.


We managed to get one picture of the four of us!

There is plenty of baseball to be had in Florida.  We went and saw the Threshers and the Blue Jays play one night.

The whole gang, minus Dave.

We had a wonderful time and we're so thankful that Jason's parents take us on such a great beach trip every year!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

disney world

This is our second summer to go to Florida with Jason's family for vacation.  Last year his parents drove down with the kids and we flew down and met them a week later.  This year we drove so Jason could take all of his water toys so we planned a day trip to Disney World before meeting everyone at the condo on the gulf.  

We left around 5:30 on Friday morning and got to Orlando about 5:30 that night.  The kids were super travelers and were ready to hit the hotel pool to get out some travel energy.  After a little swimming, we ate at the pool cafe and the kids enjoyed a little more swimming before we called it a night to rest up for our fun day on Saturday.  I didn't complain about a few glasses of prosecco poolside after a day of traveling!

We got up early Saturday morning and headed to Disney World!

I wasn't a huge fan of Disney movies as a child so we have never pushed the movies or characters on the kids.  For this reason, we thought the kids would enjoy Animal Kingdom.  I went to Animal Kingdom 17 years ago and loved it and I knew Jason would too! 

My only memory of the park 17 years ago was the safari ride.  We headed straight to it first thing and there was no line.  It was the perfect time to go because all of the animals were out.  Bryce loved it so much, we rode it again later in the day (thank you fast pass).  The animals weren't out and about as much the second time, but it was still fun!

I knew for certain that Bryce would love this park because he loves animals just like Jason.  When we found some animals to touch, the boys were in heaven.  

We don't know many Disney characters, but we sure do know Doc McStuffins.  I was so excited for Emmy to meet her.  She was hesitant at first and would only go with me and then she got up the courage to go back and get a picture all by herself!

The iconic tree at Animal Kingdom.  We did the Bugs Life movie inside, but the kids were not a fan.  I had been warned that he 3D effects and other interactive things could be scary (and we prepared the kids), but it was still too much for them.  I thought it was cute!

Bryce was excited to ride a roller coaster.

Emmy could live on soft pretzels.  And what's better than one shaped like Mickey Mouse?!?

I couldn't convince anyone to get the Mickey ice cream on a stick.  Jason would have, but he said it wasn't the same as the one from when he was a kid, ha!  Our kids love ice cream sandwiches so they opted for the Mickey shaped ones instead.

We had a really great day exploring the park and then we headed to the beach!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Independence Day

We had a relaxing day celebrating our nation's birth on Wednesday!  We were lazy around the house most of the morning and then we took the kids fishing.  Emmy got the first fish!

Bryce wasn't far behind her.  He caught about 30 blue gill and Emmy caught about 10.  She took a lot of breaks and sat in the shade with me!

We have a friend who stocked the pond and Bryce even caught a bass.

We came home and cooled off and then headed to our friends the Shipleys for our annual 4th of July gathering.

I couldn't resist this little firecracker in her red, white and blue!

Those Mt. Rushmore socks are on point!

Aren't they cute?!?

I just love these two!



The kids had fun doing sparklers.

Barbara always has glow sticks and the kids got creative with them!

Fire! His favorite!

Sparklers are more fun when you light them with a blow torch!

Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th with family and friends!