Tuesday, September 27, 2016

the state fair

We made a trip to the state fair last night!

Last year the fair was rained out before we could go so the kids were excited we made it this year.

Half of the fun is eating your way through the fair.  We started a with a turkey leg and french fries.  Don't worry, Jason didn't eat it all.  We all four split it.  He did however eat his own deep fried cheeseburger later in the night.  Bryce and I opted for the pumpkin funnel cake!

We could watch the ducks slide all day!

The goats are always so cute to me!

Bryce rode a pony the first time we took him to the fair so now we have to do it every year!

Yee Haw!

Why not take a picture with the giant horseshoe?!?

I always enjoy riding the ferris wheel at night.

I get to spend a lot of extra time with Emmy so I always enjoy sweet moments with my boy!

a look back at last week

This sweet girl is growing up too fast!  She pranced around in these shoes all day long.  They had the slightest bit of a heel and she thought she was something else!

We had a fun girls day with my mom and Nanny last week and got pedicures.  

Yet another package came for our bathroom re-model last week and the kids couldn't wait to play in the box!

Bryce started his fourth season of fall ball a few weeks ago.  He loves baseball.

Taylor and Emmy had a sleepover at our house on Saturday while the boys stayed at Kelly's.  There was lots of outdoor time (they love the power wheels) but I got them to come in long enough to make a fun little snack for dessert.  

Monday, September 19, 2016

the lord's prayer

Emmy came home from school with a coloring page she had scribble on a couple weeks ago.  It was a little activity that could be cut apart and assembled into a little book with the Lord's Prayer.  I thought it would be a perfect tool to use to help the kids learn the Lord's Prayer.  We practiced one page a night until both kids could recite it from memory.  

They did a great job!

girl time

This is my last year at home with Emmy before she goes to kindergarten next year and I'm trying my hardest to make the best of it.  She doesn't have school on Mondays so this is our day each week to make it count!  

A new Children's Museum opened up a while ago and we hadn't had a chance to go so we went today because I had some other things I wanted to do on that side of town.  

This one loves to dress up and play store.  She tells me all the time that she's going to be a cash register person when she grows up!  She loves to take your order and your money!

We headed to Chick Fil A for lunch after our fun morning!

She sure does put a smile on my face!

sprinkler fun

It's still HOT and HUMID in Virginia.  

Sunday afternoon was perfect for frolicking in the sprinkler!

This is where memories are made!

We got real actual rain from the sky for the first time in a long time today and it was actually cool outside.  A welcome change from Sunday afternoon!

a night out

We went out Saturday night to celebrate my good friend Kathryn's birthday.  We have a couple new rooftop bars downtown and we've been dying to try one out.  The one we had hoped to go to was closed for a private even so we made our way to Kabana.  I'm not sure what views the other one provided, but the view of the river in the background here was quite nice. 

Love this guy!

After drinks, we headed to dinner to meet up with two other couples.  We went to a fun restaurant that none of us had ever been to and it did not disappoint.  We were just as impressed with the outdoor dining experience as we were with the food!

We went out for ice cream afterwards because our favorite local place called earlier in the day to let us know they were serving my favorite seasonal flavor, pumpkin ginger snap!  OMG!!!!

I sure do love a good birthday celebration!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

the first day of school

Today was the first day of school and I'd say it was a success for everyone!  

Bryce definitely looks taller and older to me this year.  He always does, but this year especially!

Bryce is walking to and from school this year so we all took him this morning and Jason ended up in the school mascot costume to greet students on their first day.

This group of wonderful men from our church came to school today to encourage the kids on their first day.  It was super special.  

Jason was at the bus loop greeting the kids as they got to school so I walked to class with Bryce and got permission from his teacher for us to come down for a picture when Jason was done! 

This little lady started her second and last year of preschool today.  

She gets prettier every year!  And I don't want to talk about how grown up she looks!

We switched preschools this year and she now attends the same school Bryce did for both of his years of preschool.  And she has his same teacher!  We are so thrilled!

Once Bryce got home from school I took them out for donuts to celebrate their first day!

You two will do great things this year!  Love you!

Friday, September 2, 2016

baseball, haircuts and a lost tooth

We went to one last Flying Squirrels game on Monday night!

We were surprised to run into the Caddells while we were there. 

Bryce and the mascots.  Emmy ran the other way when she saw them.

She knows where she's safe!

The kids got back to school haircuts on Tuesday.

Bryce lost his 4th tooth on Tuesday.  He and Jason were horsing around in the pool and Bryce went under water and the next thing I knew, he came up saying he lost his tooth.  Luckily it was in his mouth and not the pool.

We're going to soak up this last weekend of summer and enjoy the holiday with family!

Legos at the botanical gardens

Our local botanical gardens has a Lego exhibit right now and we've planned to go all summer and finally made it out there on Monday.  The exhibits were really neat and Bryce memorized how many legos were in many of the objects.

It was a warm day so the kids enjoyed the kids sprayground!

Bryce found a shady tree for cooling off.

The kids made their own lego mosaics to displaynon the wall.

We had a wonderful day!