Thursday, January 30, 2014

more fun in the white stuff

I seriously hope I have something other than snow pictures to post in the coming days!!  I'm tired of the snow, but the kids are not!  Our friends Thomas and Gracie came over to play in the snow with us on Wednesday and we had a great time.
Our snow disc wasn't as fun in this fluffy snow, but Thomas' toboggan was quite fast!

I think I bundled Emmy up too much this time.  She didn't seem to like the snow as much this time around.

She warmed up a bit and went down the hill with me.

I finally got her back out there by herself, but once was enough!

Bryce and Thomas had a blast.

Sweet snow buddies!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

finally caught up on pictures

So I'm not sure I can keep using the excuse that I'm not making time to blog.  I think the real truth is that I'm not taking the time to pull out my camera and take pictures of the kids.  Thankfully I have Barbara as my personal photographer who sends me pictures.  Weeks ago now, the kids in Bryce's class had a lunch play date at Chick Fil A after school.  Emmy, who is deathly afraid of the slide (I always have to go up and drag her out) got brave that day and tried out the slide and turns out, she LOVED it!!  Thanks for capturing this one Barbara.
If Barbara isn't sending me pictures, she's giving me reasons to snap pictures.  Look at the precious dress she whipped up one morning for Emmy, with a matching head band to boot!  Thanks for loving my babies, Barbara!
Our friend Avery let Emmy borrow a few things she had outgrown and this sweet monkey dress was one of them.  I made sure to get a picture of her before church on Sunday and Bryce insisted he and his twin needed to be in the picture.  Bryce picks out their outfits every Sunday and attempts to match them!  
I took Bryce to Pump It Up for a classmate's birthday party on Sunday afternoon.  We will be back there for another party on Saturday!

I never got around to posting all of our last snow pictures and here we are on the brink of another storm.  I blogged a few days ago about hopping our fence and sledding at the school behind us.  We never really realized how much of a slope it was until we went sledding! Emmy was even brave enough to go down! 

The boys!

Me and my babies!

As a teacher, I LOVED the snow and looked forward to the days off.  Now that I'm home, I.DO.NOT. like the snow (mostly just the mess it makes in the house and how cold it is out in it).  Bryce isn't at the age yet that he looks forward to snow days because he loves school and he keeps missing super fun days because of the snow.
Bryce helped Jason get ahead of the snow this time and cleared a path tonight.  I'm sure it will be covered in the morning, though.

Bundled up and LOVING the snow.

It's NEVER been this cold when it snows around here.  We usually get snow and it's gone the next day when the sun comes out, but that's not the case with these past few snows.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

cabin fever

We have been off our regular routine ALL week.  Bryce didn't have school on Monday because of MLK day.  Schools were closed on Tuesday (which didn't affect us) in anticipation of the snow that was to come.  We had a play date at our house that morning and then headed to Panera for lunch and then to Sweet Frog for dessert. 
The moms wanted soup on the cold day and the kids wanted to follow it up with frozen yogurt, ha!  The first snowflakes started to fall while we were having dessert and the kids were glued to the windows!
The snow stopped quickly and didn't start back up until later that night.  We had gone out for soup at my parent's house for dinner that night and we warmed up with hot chocolate when we got home.

I'm so glad we got out on Tuesday because the rest of the week has been COLD, which has caused the snow to stick around.  Bryce ended up not having school any this week.  We've gotten out some, but we've been trying to find warm things to do at home.
Jason always encourages the forts.  It's nothing for him to pull out ALL the blankets and sofa cushions and leave a fort up for days.  I on the other hand, can't stand the chaos of a fort (boring mama)!

I can't stand winter and the cold dry weather, but it does make for good static hair pictures!

Macy celebrated her 8th birthday this week amidst all the snow chaos.  Poor thing ventured out in the snow the other day and couldn't walk in it and she got stuck and gave up and laid in the snow.  I had to go out and rescue her.

Bryce requests breakfast for dinner at least every other night.  For some reason, breakfast is the most stressful meal for me to cook so we don't have it often.  We added a little extra fun to the meal this time.  I guess all this snow is breaking me down!

My mom and Nanny always have a puzzle going and Bryce enjoys sitting with them and helping.  He gets so excited when he finds a piece.  I guess this cold weather this week has really gotten him into puzzling.  He did a 100 piece puzzle all by himself during quiet time this week so I took him to the dollar store to buy a couple new ones and he finished this one during quiet time that day.

Friday night we went out for dessert and decided to get donuts since it was too cold for ice cream.  The kids just love Krispy Kreme.

I think I've already said it, but I don't like cold weather (and snow for that matter)!  The brick hearth on the fireplace makes it hard to really cozy up to the fire so Jason moved our love seat right in front of it on Friday night and I was in heaven!!

The temperature finally got above freezing yesterday and today so I'm hoping most of the snow will FINALLY be gone by tomorrow.  I'm ready to start a new week on a regular routine! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

my kids LOVE the snow

Bryce has been talking about going to MeMa and PaPa's house to play in the snow and sled ever since it got cold outside in November!  Thank goodness his dreams finally came true today!  We headed over early this morning to play!  Bryce was already down the hill, but I was able to get a picture of everybody else!
When it come to snow, my kids don't know cold.  I could never lay in the snow like this.  Even if I was dressed appropriately. 

Also when it comes to snow, my kids know no fear. 

Emmy loves the snow and being able to do all the things the big kids do now!

Taylor wasn't a fan of sledding, but Emmy didn't mind her pulling her down the hill, and on her stomach!

My sweet boy!

If they are together, they are tackling each other.

Sweet girls!

This afternoon while Emmy was taking her nap, Bryce and I hopped our fence in the backyard and I let him sled down the hill to the school behind our house.  He loved it and did it about 20 times before coming in for some hot chocolate!

He's hoping to take Jason out for a couple trips down the hill when he gets home from work!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

just some things

Emmy had a scratch on her nose last week that she kept messing with so I put a band aid on it to cover it.  This girl loves a band aid so it didn't seem to bother her.  This particular band aid with another set of eyes cracked me up.  Once she finally let me take the band aid off, the scratch had healed, but the adhesive on the band aid had bothered her face leaving us wondering if she also has a latex allergy?!?
This picture was the reason why we didn't put a normal family photo on our Christmas card this year.  Of the hundred pictures we probably took, neither kid was ever posing just right and if they were, Jason and I weren't.  So even though this picture is not all smiles, I just love it!  I ended up ordering it on canvas and it came the other day! 

Bryce had an "all about me" poster to work on this week for school.  He had a great time working on it and it turned out really well.  I also love that his favorite book is the Bible.  If that answer doesn't melt a mama's heart. 

The claw machine struck again.  Or should I say Bryce struck again.  Apparently Chase and PaPa worked out a deal (which included Bryce) on Friday night about going to the claw machine this morning after breakfast.  It was a successful trip.  Go Bryce!

Thanks to Chase, we now have our very own claw machine (that plays lovely carnival music) at home.  Chase got a claw machine for himself and bought one for Bryce for his birthday.  The boys aren't too good at keeping secrets yet, so Bryce ended up getting his early since Chase had told him about it before it ever arrived in the mail, ha!
Happy Saturday!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

well hello snow

So I heard the word "snow" being tossed around yesterday, but I didn't really think anything of it.  It was pouring down rain last night when we left church so I assumed we'd be getting rain instead of snow.  I opened the blinds in my room this morning and was surprised to see snow on the ground.  I told Bryce to go look out the window and he immediately ran to his room and put on his snow pants before he could ever get out the word snow!!
Jumping on the snow covered trampoline is Bryce's favorite thing to do in the snow.

He would lay in the snow all day and never get cold.

Emmy woke up about an hour after Bryce did, but she wasn't going to be left out!

She also enjoyed playing on the trampoline. 

Emmy was just giddy while playing in the snow.  She laughed the entire time and loved every second of it.  This flashback from last year paints a different picture of her thoughts on snow.  I still feel the same about the snow as she did last year!