Thursday, January 30, 2014

more fun in the white stuff

I seriously hope I have something other than snow pictures to post in the coming days!!  I'm tired of the snow, but the kids are not!  Our friends Thomas and Gracie came over to play in the snow with us on Wednesday and we had a great time.
Our snow disc wasn't as fun in this fluffy snow, but Thomas' toboggan was quite fast!

I think I bundled Emmy up too much this time.  She didn't seem to like the snow as much this time around.

She warmed up a bit and went down the hill with me.

I finally got her back out there by herself, but once was enough!

Bryce and Thomas had a blast.

Sweet snow buddies!

1 comment:

Shipley Mommy said...

Our snow buddies had the BEST time! I am with you in the "no more snow!" camp, but the forecast is not looking like it likes us much.

Thanks for sharing your morning, and your secret sledding spot :)