Sunday, January 26, 2014

cabin fever

We have been off our regular routine ALL week.  Bryce didn't have school on Monday because of MLK day.  Schools were closed on Tuesday (which didn't affect us) in anticipation of the snow that was to come.  We had a play date at our house that morning and then headed to Panera for lunch and then to Sweet Frog for dessert. 
The moms wanted soup on the cold day and the kids wanted to follow it up with frozen yogurt, ha!  The first snowflakes started to fall while we were having dessert and the kids were glued to the windows!
The snow stopped quickly and didn't start back up until later that night.  We had gone out for soup at my parent's house for dinner that night and we warmed up with hot chocolate when we got home.

I'm so glad we got out on Tuesday because the rest of the week has been COLD, which has caused the snow to stick around.  Bryce ended up not having school any this week.  We've gotten out some, but we've been trying to find warm things to do at home.
Jason always encourages the forts.  It's nothing for him to pull out ALL the blankets and sofa cushions and leave a fort up for days.  I on the other hand, can't stand the chaos of a fort (boring mama)!

I can't stand winter and the cold dry weather, but it does make for good static hair pictures!

Macy celebrated her 8th birthday this week amidst all the snow chaos.  Poor thing ventured out in the snow the other day and couldn't walk in it and she got stuck and gave up and laid in the snow.  I had to go out and rescue her.

Bryce requests breakfast for dinner at least every other night.  For some reason, breakfast is the most stressful meal for me to cook so we don't have it often.  We added a little extra fun to the meal this time.  I guess all this snow is breaking me down!

My mom and Nanny always have a puzzle going and Bryce enjoys sitting with them and helping.  He gets so excited when he finds a piece.  I guess this cold weather this week has really gotten him into puzzling.  He did a 100 piece puzzle all by himself during quiet time this week so I took him to the dollar store to buy a couple new ones and he finished this one during quiet time that day.

Friday night we went out for dessert and decided to get donuts since it was too cold for ice cream.  The kids just love Krispy Kreme.

I think I've already said it, but I don't like cold weather (and snow for that matter)!  The brick hearth on the fireplace makes it hard to really cozy up to the fire so Jason moved our love seat right in front of it on Friday night and I was in heaven!!

The temperature finally got above freezing yesterday and today so I'm hoping most of the snow will FINALLY be gone by tomorrow.  I'm ready to start a new week on a regular routine! 

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Shipley Mommy said...

Ha! The static pictures! Love it! Another fun morning with our kids together. So glad you guys aren't tired of us yet! (Ah, give it time ;)