Saturday, January 18, 2014

just some things

Emmy had a scratch on her nose last week that she kept messing with so I put a band aid on it to cover it.  This girl loves a band aid so it didn't seem to bother her.  This particular band aid with another set of eyes cracked me up.  Once she finally let me take the band aid off, the scratch had healed, but the adhesive on the band aid had bothered her face leaving us wondering if she also has a latex allergy?!?
This picture was the reason why we didn't put a normal family photo on our Christmas card this year.  Of the hundred pictures we probably took, neither kid was ever posing just right and if they were, Jason and I weren't.  So even though this picture is not all smiles, I just love it!  I ended up ordering it on canvas and it came the other day! 

Bryce had an "all about me" poster to work on this week for school.  He had a great time working on it and it turned out really well.  I also love that his favorite book is the Bible.  If that answer doesn't melt a mama's heart. 

The claw machine struck again.  Or should I say Bryce struck again.  Apparently Chase and PaPa worked out a deal (which included Bryce) on Friday night about going to the claw machine this morning after breakfast.  It was a successful trip.  Go Bryce!

Thanks to Chase, we now have our very own claw machine (that plays lovely carnival music) at home.  Chase got a claw machine for himself and bought one for Bryce for his birthday.  The boys aren't too good at keeping secrets yet, so Bryce ended up getting his early since Chase had told him about it before it ever arrived in the mail, ha!
Happy Saturday!

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