Friday, April 29, 2016

first grade field day

It's been raining for days, but it can't dampen all the fun we're having!  I got to hang out at school today for field day.  Luckily, our first activity was inside.  The kids did a little zumba!

A little watermelon for snack!

Next up were some relay races.

Go Bryce!

Bryce loves a good running race!

Bryce and his buddy Patrick.

The bouncy slide is always a big hit.

A little parachute fun before calling it a day.

The school had teacher delivery night through Papa John's last month and Bryce's class had the most sales and won a pizza party.  Field day was the perfect day for a pizza party!  I was the lucky one who got to pick it up!

This has been a fun week for the kiddos and I'm so thankful to be home to enjoy it all!  A big thank you to my hubby who makes it all possible for us!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

bryce's field trip

I got to tag along on the first grade field trip today!  We went back in time to see how they lived in 'ye olden day'.  Jason should have gone on this trip.  That's the closest he would have been to a turkey this season! 

The kids got a change to grind some coffee beans.  They were fascinated by the corn cob grinding as well.

They got to test out a rope bed.  

Bryce went home early with me from school and we picked up Emmy and got cake pops to top off their fun day!

emmy's spring program

Emmy had her spring program at school today.  Unfortunately, Bryce's school field trip was also scheduled for today so Jason and I had to divide and conquer.  

Jason and my mom went to the show while I went on the field trip.  They really enjoyed it!

I was so sad to miss this cuteness!

I'm thankful for a few videos!

Bryce got to leave school early after his field trip so I took the kids out for cake pops to round out the fun day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

hump day

 Baseball season is well under way and Bryce is having a great time.  Bryce was the MVP of tonight's game.  He was 3 for 3 hitting, he made an out at first and an out at the plate!  

We got home from baseball to this silly scene in the yard.  The kids loved it! 

Our small group later confessed to "flocking" our yard!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

another busy week

This week was button week at gymnastics.  At the end of the eight week session, kids get a button to put on their ribbon and they get a certificate.  Bryce enjoyed the first session so we're going to keep it up for a bit.

Emmy had a field trip to the park this week with her class.  I insisted she pose for a picture on the raccoon statue since she was wearing her raccoon leggings!

We went in to Bryce's class on Friday to help tie dye shirts for field day.  I managed to get a picture of Emmy, but not Bryce. Oops!

Emmy got her button at gymnastics on Friday.

Bryce had a piece of artwork displayed at our school district's Arts & Science Festival.  It happened to be at the high school where Jason and I went so it was fun to walk around and reminisce. 

Bryce had his fourth game of the season on Saturday.  I figured it was about time I get a picture of him suited up to prove that he is actually playing, ha!

He's played catcher the last two games and has really enjoyed it.  

Today after church the boys went to the Nascar race.  

The Shipleys had free tickets so they invited Jason and Bryce to come.  This is Jason's second race and Bryce's first.  

Another fun week/weekend in the books!

Monday, April 18, 2016

"that's what i love about sundays"

I love Sundays!  When I was teaching, Sundays were the most stressful day of the week.  I grocery shopped, did all of the laundry and got everything prepped for the week.  Now that I'm staying home and can make the schedule as I please, Sundays are the icing on the cake/cherry on top!!!  After church we headed out for our weekly family lunch and we were able to eat OUTSIDE because the WEATHER!!!  Spring has finally arrived! 
This little girl is such a ray of sunshine!  We had a little time to play outside and sit in the sun before heading off to week 2 of the running series and then we had a church kite flying/cookout event.

Of course, we have had the coldest/windiest spring ever and now that we had kites to fly, the wind finally stopped! 

That didn't stop us from having fun with our friends!

The Kirby's are always so gracious to open up their beautiful property to our church!

Not pictured is the fun they had fishing and playing baseball too!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

well, it's been a while

I apparently lost my blogging mojo after spring break as we jumped right back into our busy schedule and I must have stopped taking pictures!  I've done a little better in the last week so here you go!

Macy hopped up in this basket one day and I just thought she was the cutest thing.

Emmy requested carrots in the garden this year.  We're just waiting for spring to stick around long enough for us to plant and play outside!

Sundays are just so tiring!

The kids didn't get a chance to go fishing with MeMa over spring break so they were excited to go after church last Sunday.

See that fish?!?  It's just as cute as that toothless grin!

This girl is so fun!

The spring running series started last Sunday and the kids had a great start.  Emmy came in 3rd place in her age group,

It was also National Sibling Day to I took the obligatory photo!

Bryceman came in 4th in his age group.  He did great, but he was upset that a classmate of his who he runs with at school everyday came in before him!

Emmy came with me to Bryce's school this week while I helped at the book fair.  The library aid told her she could set up shop at her desk.  She thought she was something else!

Emmy's school had a spring fling on Thursday.  We ran into a church friend and enjoyed ice cream with her!

A little Hello Kitty face paint to round out the night!