Monday, June 30, 2014

Nags Head - when we're not on the beach

We spend almost all of our week on the beach, but when we do take a break, we still have fun.  I posted a link to Kelly's blog in my last post so you can see Putt-Putt fun, but I did manage to get pictures of the race car and bumper car fun!
Bryce loved riding in the car with Jason.  He's a brave boy because Jason is a crazy driver.  Always trying to win!

After race cars, Bryce did bumper cars for the first time.  He had SO much fun.  Every time he hit someone or was hit, he laughed hysterically! 

The girls enjoyed watching.  They cracked up when someone would run into the wall by them.

Emmy wasn't able to participate in the car fun, so we let her ride a little toy in the inside arcade.  That's all she needed!

If these boys aren't two peas in a pod, then I just don't know!

We had a great week and are lucky enough to be going on another beach vacation at the end of July!

Nags Head - Kelly and Dave's 10 year anniversary

Kelly and Dave were married on the beach in Nags Head 10 years ago.  Jason's parents threw them an anniversary party to celebrate.  Look how things have changed in 10 years.
The guys brought their shirts from the wedding to recreate some pictures.  Even Kelly wore her rehearsal dinner dress to the party (10 years and 2 kids later - lucky girl). 
I think Jason looks like such a kid 10 years ago and I have crazy bags under my eyes now!

Some of the members of the wedding party were able to be there this year to celebrate.  The weather for Kelly and Dave's wedding was horrible so guests were lucky this go around!

My how 10 years brings many changes!  Jason and I will celebrate 11 years this summer!


The boys

The girls

The kids had lots of fun at the party!
This silly boy keeps me laughing!

Happy Anniversary, Kelly and Dave.  For more party fun, click HERE.

Nags Head 2014

We spent last week in Nags Head with Jason's family.  We had tons of sun and lots of fun!
Matching suits.

These girls stick together like glue.

Kelly did something different with their hair each day!
Hello Kitty cookies.  Where's Emmy?
The boys were there too!

They spent most of the week playing baseball.

Cooling off.

There was lots of snacking on the beach.

Apparently, there was lots of drinking on the beach.

Cutie pie.
Even cuter from the back!
Sweet siblings.

I posed the kids for a few photos one day.

They were good sports about it.

Who doesn't like jumping up and down?!?

The water was really rough at the beginning and end of the week, but it calmed down one day so Jason took Bryce out on the paddle board.
Brave boy!

His hair sure did lighten up this week.

The kids shared a room this year.  Some nights went well and they all slept in there and some nights Emmy was a party animal and the dispersed.  Somehow, Emmy managed to get stay in there each night! 
Stay tuned for more beach fun!  In the mean time, click HERE to see what Kelly captured this week.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

vacation bible school

I managed to take a few pictures of the kids this week at our "Weird Animals" VBS.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

lucky me

Little Bryce no-napper spoiled me this week.  He hasn't napped in at least 6 months, but the start of MeMa's summer break has worn him out!  The kids spent the night at MeMa's on Sunday night and went to the pool on Monday.  Bryce was so worn out, he fell asleep on the living room floor soon after he got home!
We've also had VBS each night this week and we're getting home late.  Yesterday Bryce was having quiet time in his room playing on his Leapster and fell asleep again!

I'm lucky to have had a little quiet time this week while both kids napped.  This is huge!  But I'm also lucky to be mama to these two sweet peas!

Monday, June 16, 2014

sleeping beauty and other stuff

We are in summer mode around here and have totally been off our regular routine.  So much so, that Emmy didn't get many naps in her bed this week.  She found herself taking little cat naps every chance she got.

Emmy got a dress up kit this week and the earrings were her favorite!
Jason thought Macy needed the earrings too!

We stayed home ALL day one day this week because it was a yucky rainy day and it was SO nice.  These two had so much fun playing!

We've got another busy week this week with VBS so it may be another week before you hear from me!

happy birthday, baby aaron

This little guy turned one this week!
The girls are always up for a birthday party. 

Bryce was excited about the fishing at the party.

A little pool action.  Aaron was in there with the kids at one point!

The boys eventually made it to the big pool.

Love for the birthday boy.