Friday, June 6, 2014

metro richmond zoo

We made our annual trek out to the Metro Richmond Zoo today.  The zoo is a great size with many exhibits and it's very interactive.  Feeding the giraffes is one of Jason's favorites.  He can't convince the rest of us to join in! 
Can you blame us?!

I love the bird sanctuary. 

 I feel like it's kind of lost it's appeal over the years though.  You can purchase a popsicle stick with bird food on it to feed them.  The first year we went, the birds would swarm you immediately and eat from the stick.  Now, they need a lot more coaxing. 
We had a little bit of luck the first time we went in, but we still had tons of food left on the sticks, so we went back in a second time.

The kids really enjoyed it, and Emmy of all people wanted so badly to pet the birds.  They always flew away once she came at them with her hand.  Imagine that!

There is a nice walkway through the woods where you can feed more animals.  Bryce was happy to watch all the feedings and not participate.

Emmy got brave enough to feed a goat!

This baby camel was probably my favorite thing all day!  I'm a sucker for baby animals.

Oh hey, more birds.  We definitely had a little more luck the second time around.

The bird boy!

Lovin' life.

We always pick an "extra" while we're at the zoo.  They have a train/tram ride and a sky ride.  It was a hard decision for the kids today, but the train was broken so it made the decision easier.  The sky ride is my favorite anyway!

I think we've mastered the family selfie!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Loved the slefie! :)

This place looks very neat. We have to take all the kids one day. You know, when it isn't so hot you (ok me) will pass out!