Saturday, February 26, 2011

party time

We had a wonderful party day!

I was so excited when I found a bounce house themed invitation at Tiny Prints. 

I ordered Bryce his birthday shirt from FlyDuds on Etsy.

Kelly made Bryce's super cute bounce house birthday cake.

It was delicious!

I managed to get a picture of all the kids (minus 1...she's in the cozy coupe off to the left).

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bryce is 2

Happy Birthday, Bryce!

 We started the day off with presents and "2" shaped pancakes!

I took the day off to spend with Bryce on his special day so I scheduled a trip to the little gym.  We have never been, but we kept getting a coupon for a free class so I figured today would be a great day to try it out.  Bryce was shy for about a minute and then opened right up.  He had a ton of fun hanging from the bars and climbing on the equipment. 

He even let the instructor help him flip. 

So proud! 

We had a long afternoon.  I knew nap time was going to be messed up today because Bryce had his 2 year well visit at 2:00 today (right in the middle of nap time).  I figured we would go to the doctor and then take a late nap.  Instead, we spent the whole afternoon at the doctor.  His well visit went fine.  He weighs 25.3 pounds and is 33 inches tall.  Still in the 10-25% for each.  However, he has always had a bump on the side of his head that I ask about every time and they always say it is nothing.  Until today.  Today the doctor wanted to have it x-rayed.  I wasn't really worried about what the results would show, but more so that he was going to be exposed to radiation (the doctor put that fear in my head).  So we walked what seemed like a mile through the doctor's office/hospital and got all situated for x-rays.  In the meantime I texted Jason to let him know what was going on and that I was a little emotional doing it all alone.  He was able to leave work and was in the waiting room when came out with the good news that the bump is just bone.  Thank goodness!  Bryce's 2nd birthday could have taken a serious turn for the worse.  In an attempt to cheer us all up, we went to Chick Fil A for a milkshake. 

Bryce has to have his own everything now.  I played with Bryce in the play area while Jason made Bryce his "own" milkshake.  He was thrilled!

We celebrated with the grandparents tonight.  MeMa and PaPa came over with cupcakes and fire truck themed gifts and Bryce got to go play basketball at the gym at church.  Bryce enjoyed singing and blowing out the candles so much that he asked to do it again and of course we did! 


We went to Nana and Pap's house when he came home from playing basketball.  Bryce got a kitchen and all the fixin's.  I was so excited about this because he seeks out a kitchen wherever we go and we just didn't have any wall space for one in the playroom.  The other highlight of our day was having lunch at McDonald's.  We had the place to ourselves until a daycare showed up for a field trip.  Yikes!  And for the record, Bryce refused to wear his birthday shirt today.  He promised he would wear it to his party tomorrow!  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

baby it's cold outside

I know it's a Christmas song, but it fit the theme of the post!

 Bryce is obsessed with basketball right now.  He wants to play at Chase's house, at church, at PaPa's school, outside at our house, ANYWHERE.  Tonight after dinner he asked, "Mama can I play basketball outside for a little bit?"  Who could turn that down?  I compromised with him since it's just too cold out for me and Jason brought the hoop inside!

 He was just as happy playing inside!

Just in case you wanted to see his smiling face!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

what a weekend

After two days of Bryce throwing up, I finally gave up on the notion that Bryce was getting sick because of his violent cough.  I accepted the fact that he had probably gotten the stomach bug.  If the throwing up wasn't enough to convince me, the diapers sure were!  Bryce acted fine on Friday despite getting sick a couple of times, but Saturday was a different story.  The picture below describes what we did most of the day/night.

After 48 hours and a good night sleep, Bryce was feeling a bit perkier this morning!  Our little slumber party last night may have also helped.  He woke up at 3:30 and couldn't get back to sleep.  I will normally put him in the bed with us when this happens, but I wasn't taking any chances of him getting sick in our bed so I laid out blankets and pillows on his floor and we slept there until 6:30 this morning.  Bryce and I stayed home from church this morning and wrapped up in warm laundry and watched cartoons.

With the vomit at bay, we finally ventured out today and met Jason over at MeMa and PaPa's house for lunch.  It was nice to get out of the house and enjoy some good food and good company.  It was a sure sign Bryce was feeling better when he chowed on some ribbon cake.

Hoping for a healthy week!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

on the mend

My mommy instinct got the best of me this morning and I decided it was finally time to take Bryce to the doctor.  Yesterday he threw up a couple of times because his cough was so bad and it made him gag.  He was still acting fine so we decided to let it go.  This morning however, he threw up every time he coughed and he just laid around and watched tv all morning and didn't want to play.  That is SO not Bryce.  He would rather be playing than sitting still on the couch watching tv.  I called the doctor and they were able to squeeze us in at 11:30, but said we would have to wait a while.  Thankfully we were in and out in less than 30 minutes.  Right about the time the doctor started checking his ears I made the comment that last time he had a bad cough like this he had an ear infection.  Turns out that was the case this time too.  Bryce never complained about his ears and never showed signs of them hurting.

We got Subway on the way home and Bryce wanted a chocolate chip cookie.  He has already learned that he can ask for anything when he is sick and it's his!  After that cookie you would have never known he had been feeling under the weather.  He had his first dose of medicine and now he is napping.  Definitely think he'll be back to 100% by his birthday!  Do you love how his sweat pants are hiked all the way up to his knees, ha!

Friday, February 18, 2011

fishing trip

Bryce and Jason have been looking forward to this fishing trip all week.  Bryce couldn't wait to go on Ryan's boat with Ryan and Toby (the dog).  Here he is all suited up in his life jacket!

Nothing like a gummy worm for a mid morning snack.  Jason said Bryce did great, but every now and then he asked to go home and see Macy.  Too cute!

Boat life is hard work.  Bryce tried catching a nap, but didn't fall asleep as easily as he did on Kelly's sofa yesterday!  He did however sleep on the ride back and still took a good nap when he got home. 

Jason is definitely looking forward to more trips like this with B-man as he gets older.  When he gets excited about all the boy stuff they will get to do he assures me I'll have a little girl to go shopping with some day.  Let's hope!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

sleepy boy

Bryce has been feeling a little under the weather lately.  He has developed a horrible cough and had a fever at the beginning of the week.  It's been such a long week that I can't even remember when it was!  He has been cranky the past few days and we think it might have been due to a little constipation.  Prune juice worked wonders today and I think he may be feeling a little better.  He hasn't been sleeping as soundly at night, but today he wore himself out playing outside at Kelly's and took a long nap on the sofa while watching cartoons.  It is so unusual for him to randomly fall asleep somewhere other than his bed.  Hopefully he can get caught up on sleep this weekend so he can start his birthday week off with a bang!

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day

I always remember how my parents made Valentine's Day special when I was growing up.  Jason and I celebrated Valentine's Day when we dated, but never after we got married.  Well I take that back.  I celebrated it, but Jason didn't, ha!  However, since this is the first year that Bryce understands Valentine's Day, things were a little different around here today!  We show Bryce we love him everyday, but it was fun to have a special day.

We got Bryce some Thomas pajamas (which he had to put on immediately this morning), some new sidewalk chalk, and a ring pop.  He loved it!  I was a slacker this year in the gift giving for the hubs.  I had Bryce make Jason a card and Jason was with me when I bought his giant marshmallow hearts (his favorite).  I gave Jason a meat grinder a few years ago for Valentine's so I'm good for a few more years, he he! I managed to wrangle Jason into the gift giving this year.  I left him a list of Pandora heart charms and a Penelope gift card as my hint for Valentine's this year.  It worked!  I even got a card and Milk Duds.  I was very excited and he was proud of himself.  He came up with his own Valentine slogan today "Just because I don't like it, doesn't mean you don't deserve it".  He's a keeper.  Bryce and I are glad we have such a great Valentine

Sunday, February 13, 2011

sunday smorgasbord

I was cleaning off the diaper bag camera card today and found some pictures I've never posted.  Bryce has gotten quite independent and is very good at feeding himself, even applesauce.

We just started up a new Bible study group a few weeks ago and the couple that hosts it has a son a few months younger than Bryce.  Bryce enjoys getting to know Aiden outside of the church nursery!
Bryce has slowly made his transition out of the nursery at church. Mostly because MeMa is the teacher in the next class and because he is getting ready to turn two.   Bryce enjoys getting to be in class with Chase again.  The boys came over to mine and Jason's Sunday school class today for part of the lesson.  They had fun "fishing" for goldfish with pretzels and marshmallow fluff.

We have had a wonderful weekend.  Hope you have too!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

our weekend so far

We were out at the mall Friday night and decided to stop in a shoe store for Jason so I measured Bryce's foot while we were there.  His foot has finally grown a little so we bought some new shoes.  We found these cute little things at Payless.  Bryce loves telling everyone "I got new shoes from the mall".

Bryce's pacifier bit the dust the other night.  This is the same pacifier Bryce came home from the hospital with!  We noticed a few weeks ago that it was starting to tear.  The other night he was being silly and yanking it out of his mouth and it finally fell apart.  He was devastated.  Mostly because we had told him that when it broke he was done with pacis.  However, the night it happened we got home late from Bible study and he was too tired to attempt a no paci night so we caved! 

We have had a full day today.  We went to ChickFilA for breakfast, grocery shopped at Walmart, took Macy to PetSmart to get her toenails cut and for Bryce to see the animals, played at Inflatable Palace, got BBQ for lunch, then made Valentine cookies after Bryce's nap.

 Bryce enjoyed licking the sprinkles off the table.

 Pink face

 Icing cookies

The finished products

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This was Bryce's way of playing hide and seek tonight.  He would count to three and then pop up and say BOO!  Or he would say ready, "setty", GO! and then jump up. 

Bryce got a much needed haircut today.  I just love how grown up he looks now.  He is getting so grown up now he can even take his own clothes the dinner table, ha!
I'm crossing my fingers for at least a dusting of snow tonight and maybe a two hour delay in the morning!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

random stuff

Bryce's birthday is quickly approaching and I'm so excited.  So is he.  He knows his birthday is February 25th and that he is going to be 2.  He is practicing making a 2 with his fingers, but apparently it's harder than making a 1.  Jason and I went shopping for his presents today and it was so fun.  We got him a grill so he cook out with Jason and a Leap Frog laptop because he loves ours so much!

Bryce was laying on his back and holding this book up in the air while he read.  It was too cute, but of course once I got the camera out he rolled over and was not interested in laying on his back for me to recreate the moment for a picture!

 Wearing Mama's shoes

I brought some stickers home from school today for Bryce.  He enjoyed playing with them and sticking them to floor while I was unpacking our stuff from the day.  Good thing he wasn't playing with permanent markers, ha!

Check out this key chain my mom found.  I've never seen Bryce's name on anything before!