Sunday, February 13, 2011

sunday smorgasbord

I was cleaning off the diaper bag camera card today and found some pictures I've never posted.  Bryce has gotten quite independent and is very good at feeding himself, even applesauce.

We just started up a new Bible study group a few weeks ago and the couple that hosts it has a son a few months younger than Bryce.  Bryce enjoys getting to know Aiden outside of the church nursery!
Bryce has slowly made his transition out of the nursery at church. Mostly because MeMa is the teacher in the next class and because he is getting ready to turn two.   Bryce enjoys getting to be in class with Chase again.  The boys came over to mine and Jason's Sunday school class today for part of the lesson.  They had fun "fishing" for goldfish with pretzels and marshmallow fluff.

We have had a wonderful weekend.  Hope you have too!

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