Thursday, June 22, 2017

peach picking

We drove up to the mountains on Saturday morning to pick peaches at our favorite orchard.

We love coming here to pick apples in the fall and peaches in the summer.  They also have pumpkins and strawberries, but we have a other favorite places to pick when they're in season. 

I just love this little family of ours and all the fun memories we make!

There were tons of peaches for picking.  We timed our visit just right this year!

Bryce found the perfect peach to go ahead and enjoy. 

It's no secret, but we go just as much for the donuts than anything else!

I'm personally a fan of the cider there too.  They had a pancake breakfast while we were there so I enjoyed a cider mimosa!  

I can't say enough good things about Chile's Peach Orchard.  It's a hidden gem we found when our go-to orchard got overly commercialized!  

celebrating summer

Jason had a conference all last week that ended just in time for us to take the kids to a baseball game on the last day of school to celebrate the start of summer!

There's nothing better than ice cream out of a mini helmet!

I looked over at one point and saw this special moment between my sweet boys and had to capture it!

When your team leads the whole game and then falls behind in the last inning you put on your rally caps!

They had fireworks after the game so we hung around for them and they did not disappoint!

It was a perfect start to summer!

officially a third grader

I love a good first day/last day comparison.

Bryce had a great second grade year.  I can't believe he starts his second half of elementary school next year!  I'm ready for time to slow down!  

field day

Bryce's field day was scheduled for April, but the original date got rained out.  Luckily, they were able to have a condensed version the day before school was out.

They did a few class relays.

Bryce enjoyed racing his friends in the inflatable obstacle course.

Even Emmy go to enjoy in a little of the fun on the inflatable slide.

Bryce and Thomas are hoping to finally be in class together again next year.

Emmy is basically an honorary student since she's at school with me all the time.  She can't wait to be a kindergartner next year!

The kids enjoyed the Kona Ice truck since it was such a hot day.

She'll fit right in at school!

Next year I'll have go split my time between their field days!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

good citizen

Bryce received a special award a few weeks back!  His school recognizes students who exhibit certain virtues throughout the school year.  I believe there are 6 of them.  Bryce received the citizenship award which encompasses all of the virtues!  To say we are proud of Bryce and the example he sets for others is an understatement!

After the kids shook the principal's hand and got their award, they just continued walking across the stage and then stood on the bleachers.  I told Bryce it would be nice if he would look out at the crowd so people could see his face and so I could get a picture!  The principal loved it.  She commented that I had him trained well.

One student was chosen from each class!

His classmates and teacher had very positive things to say about him!

Keep up the good work Bryceman!

Friday, June 9, 2017

random happenings

Jason plays softball for our church on Tuesday nights and the kids love to go to his games.  On this particular night, they found a lizard to help entertain them! 

Bryce finally lost a tooth at school.  He was so excited to finally get a tooth necklace to wear his tooth home.  However, the school just switched from necklaces to treasure boxes, ha!  Luckily he got a necklace at his last dentist visit so he wore it around the house!

Emmy has enjoyed her first season of t-ball and she played really well.

We were excited to find that a new family at our church had a son playing on Emmy's team.  It's been fun getting to know them better.  And Easton and Emmy adore each other!

Jason's sister joked that we should save this picture for a wedding slide show!

She's so proud of that trophy!

 Bryce is her biggest fan.  He even made himself a hat to wear to her games.  Bless him!

Emmy is enjoying her summer vacation!  We went to the library the other day and I just happened to pull out this book while browsing.  It just had to come home with us!

We're working on learning to read this summer!

I have been out of the classroom for 5 years, but my girls continue to include me in special occasions!  The two ladies in the middle are retiring this year so we celebrated them at dinner on Thursday night.  I was lucky enough to celebrate the two ladies on the left when they retired 11 and 4 years ago!  The original 6 of us who taught 4th grade when I started have all moved on now (4 have retired, I'm staying home, and the other switched schools).    

Bryce has 4 more days of school and then I hope life will slow down and we can enjoy lazy days/evening at home!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

master bath renovation

We have hated this "Christmas" bathroom  since we moved into our house 7 years ago, but it a room that very few people saw, so we did other improvement projects first.  This summer we came home from vacation to water stain spots on our kitchen ceiling from the master shower.  We decided that would be the perfect time to fix the problem and the ugly bathroom.

The red paint and green tiles made the bathroom look so dark and small.  The whites and grays definitely brightened the room up!

We didn't use our tub very often and the shower stall was super small, so we decided to get rid of the tub and make a big shower!

There was a window above the tub that came out and we installed a new one that could get wet from the inside.  We frosted the bottom half for privacy but can still see out the top and it lets in lots of light!

The shower stall was super small so out it came!

Getting rid of the shower and extending the vanity really opened up the space!

The bathroom was just a hot mess before with no storage.

I love this clean look!

One last look at the hideousness that was our bathroom. Why did we have a bow stored in our bathroom you may ask?  SMH at my husband and his hobbies!

Simply beautiful!

The vanity and shower were the first to come out.

The sheet rock came down and the floor came up so the electricity and plumbing could be moved.

Work on the shower area.

Sheetrock was one of the few things Jason didn't do himself.

But laying the floor was all him!

I've got one smart and talented hubby!


He learned as he went!

Jason critiques tile work everywhere he goes now!

 Paint - Benjamin Moore - Stonington Gray
Floor - (I can't remember off the top of my head) will update
Marble - carrara gray
Cabinets - Medallion
Vanity lights - Lowes - Allen+Roth
Mirror and Shower Door - local glass place - A.C. Glass

Here are a few pins I pinned for inspiration.

I am so pleased with the finished project!