Thursday, November 16, 2017

leaders, cake pops and birthdays

Bryce's teacher chose him to be the SCA (student council association) representative for his class this year.  They had their first meeting last week and his good buddy Thomas is the representative for his class.  I picked them up after their meeting and we headed straight to bible study.

We actually had time to run an errand during the week last Wednesday so we made a stop for hot chocolate and a cake pop.  I definitely recommend the chocolate peppermint pop! 

Bentley turned 1 on Sunday.  The kids wanted to take him to Bruster's for a dog sundae but it just didn't fit into the schedule so we celebrated with ice cream at home.  They insisted that he needed a candle.  He was scared to death of it so we barely got a picture!

He's got these two wrapped around his little paw!


Bryce played on a travel ball team this fall and had lots of fun and learned a lot.  The team was new and the kids had never played together before this season.  They worked hard and played hard but only managed to squeak out two ties for the season.  Sunday that all changed when they played in a post-season tournament!

This was his smile after they won their first game of the day (and first win of the season).

And here they are lined up to receive their medals after winning the championship!  They went on to win a second game which guaranteed them a spot in the championship (which they won).

He's so proud of that medal.  He and Jason may have a talk about earned award and participation awards, ha!

It was freezing on Sunday.  We joked that the kids were a cold weather team!

Way to go number 34!


We attended Friendsgiving last Saturday night for the second year in a row.  We had a great time and the kids enjoyed the special visitor.

This wasn't even all of the kids!

I love Bryce's hamburger on the plate he drew.  He'd eat a hamburger for Thanksgiving over turkey any day!

Table runner hand prints from last year.

Gobble, Gobble!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

winery weekend

This weekend was scheduled to be our annual Wintergreen winery weekend with friends.  Everyone's schedules kind of fell apart as the date neared so we had to cancel.  However, I was determined to make the best of it at home!

Saturday morning I got to sleep in.  Jason was hunting, but the kids knew to do their own thing if they woke up before me.  Bryce was up at 6:45, I got up at 7:45 and Emmy slept until 8:30.  I felt so refreshed.  I even got up and made muffins and a yummy breakfast complete with a mimosa.  

Later in the afternoon Jason and I and our friend Kathryn headed to New Kent to a few wineries.  The first stop was Saude Creek.  We had never been here and it was just beautiful.  The setting made it feel like we were in the mountains even though we weren't. 

Our next stop was New Kent Winery.

They closed early for a private even so when we left there we stopped at a fun burger place we happened to pass between wineries.  

The burgers were SO good.  

The kids spent the night with my mom so after dinner we were able to visit our friends who usually go with us.  They just closed on a brand new house, hence why they couldn't go out of town this weekend.  We watched a little of the HOKIES game when we got home and then went to bed early on day light savings night!  It was glorious!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


On Sunday night I decided I needed to make sure Emmy had something cute to wear for Halloween.  I found a few older shirts, but as I was digging through her closet I found this fun outfit.  I've been waiting for her to grow into it (its a size 6) but we decided to try it this year and it was a pretty good fit.  She insisted on wearing it to school on Monday, not Halloween.  

We were Boo'd last night so the kids got to check out the goodies this morning.

Bryce decided after our trip to Wyoming this summer. that he wanted to be a cowboy for Halloween.  We got the hat on the trip and MeMa got him the boots.  Jason ordered the belt and belt buckle online and we were ready to go!

Emmy wanted to be a donut after seeing one at Target.  Theirs was too big for her so that put us on a hunt for a donut costume.  We found the one she is wearing online but it was way more than I wanted to spend on a costume.  We just happened to pop into Marshall's one morning and they had the same costume for a third of the price!!

Jason insisted that Bentley needed a matching costume!

Bryce and Chase the crash test dummy!

Emmy and Taylor the cupcake.  

Jason wore his suit from his recognition dinner and went as a science nerd!

We had another fun year of Trunk or Treat at church.  There were lots of great trunks.  We took the easy way out.  Our school had a dance with the theme It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.  I went ahead and purchased the decorations for the dance knowing I could use them afterwards.  I think it turned out well and everyone was s fan!

greek olympics

Third graders study Ancient Greece this year and Bryce's school has a fun Greek Olympics event as the culminating activity. 

Our friend Barbara insisted we use one of her pre-made togas so we wouldn't have to make our own.  I finally gave in, because who was I kidding, I can't make a toga, and I was happy I did!

Bryce participated in a few events.  I only caught him in the running event.  It's not so easy running in a toga!

Zeus led the Olympics.

His class.

After the Olympics, they had a feast of cucumbers, grapes, tzatziki sauce, feta, hummus, pita chips, fig newtons, olives, bread, olive oil and grape juice.  Bryce wasn't very adventurous with his food choices. 

The Olympics happened to fall over the span of my planning time, time with third grade and my lunch so I was able to attend the whole event with him.  This work gig has really been great for me!

Friday, October 27, 2017

pumpkin carving

Today was pumpkin carving day!  We have plenty of pumpkins currently decorating our front porch, but we needed another one to carve so we set out to the produce stand after school.  Emmy is our big helper. 

Both kids actually wanted to get their hands dirty and help clean out the pumpkin this year!

Bentley isn't in the picture, but he was a big helper too and ate half the seeds they dropped.

The kids wanted a Bentley pumpkin this year!

How did Jason do?

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

PaPa drives the bus

PaPa is a substitute bus driver at the kids school this week and he happens to be driving Bryce's best friends bus!  I arranged a play date so the kids could ride the bus home with Thomas and see PaPa.  

Emmy has never ridden the bus so she was super excited.  I went and found the bus at dismissal so I could get a picture of them with PaPa.

My friend Barbara snapped some pictures when they got off the bus at her house too!

I met the kids at Thomas' house and picked them up for an after school Sweet Frog treat!

Today was also picture day so they were all looking dapper!

Friday, October 20, 2017

a little of this and a little of that

Emmy and I have found a new pedicure place with kid chairs!  She gets a Pepsi and I get Prosecco.  

Win Win!

I love decorating for fall.

My biggest helper!

Emmy wanted to be a donut for Halloween.  Coincidentally, they had one for Bentley too.

We lucked out with this costume.  We were prepared to pay a fortune for it online and just happened to stumble on it at Marshall's for cheap.

We got dressed up and went out to dinner last week!

Jason thought this suit was fitting for receiving an engineering award.

She's so fun to dress for fall.

We went and picked apples last Friday after school.

They love this yearly tradition.

My pretty girl.

My little monkey.

The best apples are at the top.

The apples of our eye!

Say "apple".

It actually felt like fall the day we went.

Donuts, apples and cider, oh my!

Bryce had an optional experiment to do for homework the other night.  He loved it! 

Bryce's class got to have crazy hair day this week.

The only day a year I'll let him have a mohawk.

Such a cozy view!

The fringe boots and vest are a big hit at school.

I'll try not to let so much time pass between my next post!