Thursday, December 29, 2011

first unofficial dentist visit

I had to go to the dentist yesterday so I took Bryce to get him acquainted with the idea of a dentist since he will need to go soon.  He did a great job waiting for me and then hopped right into the chair when I was done.

He told the dentist he didn't want him to cut his big light on above him, but he did say it was alright if he wore his "dentist glasses".  Counting the bottom teeth.  He had 10.

Counting the top teeth.  10 up there too!

He was a great patient.  Maybe next time the dentist will get to use the mirror in his mouth and maybe a tool or two!   

I didn't get a picture on the way out, but he got a Spiderman puzzle and some stickers for doing such a great job!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

34 weeks

Bryce really wanted to join in on the fun this week!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How far along: 34 weeks
Maternity clothes: Just about everything, but I'm still able to wear some regular shirts and sweaters.
Gender: Girl.............and she finally has a name!
Emmy Paige Whitlock
Movement: She is quite active.  She feels like she may be head down now because I'm getting lots of kicks in my ribs.
Sleep: Pretty good.  I have been waking up around 5 and tossing and turning until I finally get out of bed.  When I go back to work next week, I will only have to toss and turn until 5:30, but since I'm off this week, I've been able to stay in bed until Bryce wakes up, which is still early (6:30-7).
Cravings: Nothing really.  I just keep getting drawn in to all the candy and snacks around the house from Christmas.  It's not helping with the weight control!
Symptoms: A few Braxton Hicks everyday and lots of trips to the bathroom.
Total weight gain: I went to the doctor yesterday and they said I had gained two pounds since my last visit two weeks ago, which isn't bad considering the holiday.  My scale says I've gained about 20.5 pounds.
What I miss: Nothing really.  Maybe just my regular clothes (more trendy than maternity clothes).  I just don't feel like spending the money.  Jason's parents gave me some super cute boots for Christmas, but I'm going to have to wait until I can get back into regular clothes to show them off.
Best moment of the week: Too many!  The nursery is making progress everyday!  We had a wonderful Christmas!  I had a great report at the doctor yesterday.  My blood pressure was 100/60 and Emmy's heart rate was 160 bpm. 
What I'm looking forward to: I'm waiting for about 4 more things to come in the mail for the nursery!

Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas re-cap

PaPa led the Christmas Eve service this year and invited children to sit on the stage with him while he told the Christmas story.  Bryce did a great job!

I clearly need work on my photography skills, but I just thought Bryce looked so cute holding his candle.

We finished assembling Bryce's power wheels and got everything wrapped and ready  a lot quicker than I thought we would!  You can see Bryce left milk and cookies for Santa on his toy box.  He had originally asked me to put apple juice in the cup, but then he got upset that there wouldn't be any left for him so he changed it to milk.  I told him Santa would like that better anyway!

Bryce never really asked for a power wheels, but he did point out a blue truck (power wheels) in one of the toy ads and we had thought about getting a power wheels this year so we surprised him with it.

I think he liked it!  He test drove it a bit in the house, but he was only able to go back and forth about a foot so we quickly took it outside before the Christmas tree came tumbling down!

Bryce even helped Macy open her gifts!

Bryce asked Santa for a bow and arrow.

I'm afraid he's going to take after his DaDa and his passion for hunting!

Just had to throw in another picture to capture Bryce's excitement over the power wheels!

Taking it for a spin outside.

He worked up an appetite for some chocolate Christmas pancakes!

Unfortunately I didn't do a great job of pulling my camera out after we left the house.  We headed to church and then to Jason's parents house for brunch, presents, and cake for Jesus' birthday.  Then we headed to my parents house to get stockings and then home to "rest".  We didn't even bother with a nap because I knew once we got him asleep we would be waking him up for more fun.  We ended the night at Jason's aunt and grandma's house for dinner and then Bryce went to MeMa and PaPa's house for a sleepover with Chase.  He was still exhausted when we picked him up this morning.  We went to Jason's grandparents house for Christmas lunch today and then came home and finally got in a nap.  I think it's safe to say we are slowly getting back into a routine and catching up on sleep and some healthier eating!  Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas eve

We've been busy this past week, but I have not done a great job of capturing the events in pictures!  Monday night I went to the ladies Christmas dinner at church and had a great time.  On Tuesday night I went to dinner and exchanged gift with my two best girlfriends.  We had a great time and P.F. Chang's was delicious!  While we were at dinner, Jason took Bryce to a VCU basketball game.  They had a ton of fun and Bryce even got a picture with their mascot Rodney the Ram!  Thursday night we drove around with my family and looked at tacky Christmas lights.  Always a favorite of mine!  Last night we went to the Botanical Gardens for their Garden Fest of lights and then got ice cream! 

Bryce and Jason in the light maze.

I really wanted to get a picture with Bryce in the light igloo.  Despite the fact that you can't tell it's a light igloo, check out the kid who decided to join us for a picture.  His brother was there for a while too.  We have no idea who they were, but their parents thought it was hilarious that that joined us and wouldn't leave.  They never even told the kids to come out so we could get a picture.  Can you tell by mine and Bryce's faces that we were a little annoyed?!?  HA!  I finally asked the kids to step aside so we could get our picture.

Again I have no pictures to show, but we did some baking this morning.  We're starting a new tradition this year and made a birthday cake for Jesus.  We decided we will take it to Jason's parent's house tomorrow for lunch and hopefully sing happy birthday to Jesus and then enjoy if for dessert.  Bryce also asked if we could make cookies for his friends at church to give them tonight at the Christmas Eve service.  I am just loving all the Christmas memories we have made this year! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

welcome winter

We welcomed winter today with almost 70 degree weather so we headed to the park with Chase and Taylor!

Checking out the fish.

A little swinging.

Riding Clifford. 

Watching Jason on Clifford.

Playing on the monkey bars. 

 We sure are enjoying our time off from work this week and the nice weather. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

33 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 33 weeks
Maternity Clothes: Just about everything.  Hoping I can make it through without buying anything else.
Gender: Girl.  I think we have just about decided on a name, but we are nervous to make it final, just in case!
Movement: So active.  I really do think she is laying sideways in my belly.  I feel like when she stretches out I have a head poking out one side and a foot out the other!
Sleep: Sleeping like a baby!  No complaints!
Cravings: Nothing really.  Just trying not to devour all the Christmas goodies that have made their way into the house!
Symptoms: Just really tired by the end of the day.
Total weight gain: I think I'm up to 18.5 pounds.
What I miss: Nothing really.
Best moment of the week: Jason made tons of progress in the nursery!  He hung crown moulding, a shelf, and curtains.  The room is just about ready.  I'm waiting on a crib sheet, boppy cover, and changing pad cover as well as a custom clock I'm having made.  Other than that, I just need a few things to sit on the shelf!
What I'm looking forward to: Relaxing for the next few days and experiencing the magic of Christmas with Bryce.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

santa brunch

For the past few years we have been joining my dad's family at the Country Club of Virginia for their annual Santa brunch.  We went this morning and had a wonderful time. 

Bryce wasn't so sure about being that close to Santa, but he did a great job!

Bryce had warmed up to Santa by the time he got his picture with Nina and Pop.

Me and Bryce with my grandmother.

We managed to get both of my grandparents in this shot!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

all dressed up

I'm trying out my blogger app tonight since my only picture of the night was on my phone. Hope it works!

We had Jason's work Christmas party tonight and it was lots of fun! He works with his cousin's wife so we were able to ride with them and socialize with them. It's always nice to spend an evening with people you know rather than the big wigs and other co-workers of his I don't know. We always look forward to the door prizes. One year Jason won a gift card to Bass Pro Shop and Bonefish and I won an iPod. This year my name was drawn and I got to choose a gift. I could have taken my chances with a wrapped gift but I drew a gift card instead. Unfortunately I drew a Bass Pro Shop gift card for Jason. Go figure!

Friday, December 16, 2011


So I couldn't get a picture where they were both smiling a decent smile, but I did capture the fact that they have on matching outfits.  Bryce wore this hand me down outfit from Chase today.  Who knew Chase has the outfit in every size, ha!! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

32 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 32 weeks
Maternity clothes: Mostly everything.  I had someone ask where I get my maternity clothes.  I actually found it kind of flattering because I feel like I lose all sense of style/fashion when I'm pregnant.  My mom splurged and bought me some Joe's jeans and some rouched shirts from A Pea in the Pod.  Everything else I have is from Target, Destination Maternity, and a few things from Macy's. 
Gender: It's a girl.  I think we are getting closer to a  name.  At least I think we have one name left in the running unless we come up with something we like better.  We almost had to settle on a name tonight so we could buy plane tickets to Disney World this summer, but we needed a birthday too so we just decided to forgo her ticket for now!
Movement: Yes!  My doctor could not decide what body part continues to protrude out of my left side, ha!
Sleep: No complaints!
Cravings: Nothing really.  I do miss the occasional glass of wine or champagne with all of the Christmas parties among us, but I'm fine.
Symptoms: I think I have been having some Braxton Hicks contractions every now and then.
Total weight gain: When I went to the doctor yesterday I had only gained .6 pounds in two weeks.  For my total weight gain, my scale says I've gained about 17.5. 
What I miss: Nothing really!
Best moment of the week:  My mom finished painting the nursery last night and I'm so pleased with the color!
What I'm looking forward to: Jason is going to hang the crown moulding in the nursery next week while we are off!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

random Christmas things

I am so thankful that Bryce goes to Kelly's house each day while I'm at work and that he can still do fun, family, holiday things. Last week he helped Chase and Taylor make a gingerbread house. I would love to do this with him, but it makes me happy to think that he got a chance to do it in case we don't get around to it!

This week the kids made Christmas ornaments at Kelly's house!  Bryce was very proud of his candy cane ornament because he painted it with Hokie colors all by himself.  That's my boy!

I just had to add this last picture.  One of my students gave me this card today.  It really made me laugh that a fourth grader totally understands the times and the "politically correct" world we live in.

We have a decoration in the kitchen that says, "We still say Merry Christmas"!

Monday, December 12, 2011

a fun night

Each year at Christmas time the fourth grade teachers from my school get together for a Christmas dinner and gift exchange.  We normally have it at one of the girl's houses, but this year her house was under some construction so we decided to go to a restaurant.  We went out tonight and had a great time!  (The wine glass is not mine, even though I totally wish it was, ha!)

I had a few errands to run at the mall where we were eating so I got there a little early.  I decided to do a little shopping for our little girl.  I have always dreamed about buying little girl clothes, however, now that I finally can, I have been so overwhelmed by the selection of things that I haven't ended up buying anything.....until tonight.  I put this little outfit together and I could not be more excited about dressing our sweet girl in it!