Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas eve

We've been busy this past week, but I have not done a great job of capturing the events in pictures!  Monday night I went to the ladies Christmas dinner at church and had a great time.  On Tuesday night I went to dinner and exchanged gift with my two best girlfriends.  We had a great time and P.F. Chang's was delicious!  While we were at dinner, Jason took Bryce to a VCU basketball game.  They had a ton of fun and Bryce even got a picture with their mascot Rodney the Ram!  Thursday night we drove around with my family and looked at tacky Christmas lights.  Always a favorite of mine!  Last night we went to the Botanical Gardens for their Garden Fest of lights and then got ice cream! 

Bryce and Jason in the light maze.

I really wanted to get a picture with Bryce in the light igloo.  Despite the fact that you can't tell it's a light igloo, check out the kid who decided to join us for a picture.  His brother was there for a while too.  We have no idea who they were, but their parents thought it was hilarious that that joined us and wouldn't leave.  They never even told the kids to come out so we could get a picture.  Can you tell by mine and Bryce's faces that we were a little annoyed?!?  HA!  I finally asked the kids to step aside so we could get our picture.

Again I have no pictures to show, but we did some baking this morning.  We're starting a new tradition this year and made a birthday cake for Jesus.  We decided we will take it to Jason's parent's house tomorrow for lunch and hopefully sing happy birthday to Jesus and then enjoy if for dessert.  Bryce also asked if we could make cookies for his friends at church to give them tonight at the Christmas Eve service.  I am just loving all the Christmas memories we have made this year! 

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