Monday, December 12, 2011

a fun night

Each year at Christmas time the fourth grade teachers from my school get together for a Christmas dinner and gift exchange.  We normally have it at one of the girl's houses, but this year her house was under some construction so we decided to go to a restaurant.  We went out tonight and had a great time!  (The wine glass is not mine, even though I totally wish it was, ha!)

I had a few errands to run at the mall where we were eating so I got there a little early.  I decided to do a little shopping for our little girl.  I have always dreamed about buying little girl clothes, however, now that I finally can, I have been so overwhelmed by the selection of things that I haven't ended up buying anything.....until tonight.  I put this little outfit together and I could not be more excited about dressing our sweet girl in it!


A Wedding Story said...

I'm gonna give Jason a hard time with the headbands ;) So cute!

Anonymous said...

Where do you get your maternity clothes at? I am looking for some cute outfits. Thanks