Thursday, February 26, 2015

reptile night

School was closed due to snow on the original night reptile night was scheduled.  Jason and Bryce were pretty pumped when it was rescheduled for Bryce's birthday.  What could be a better way to spend your birthday?!?  With your classmates none the less!  Here are three of his classmate and there were two others that I wasn't able to get in the picture.
So not my thing, but I was there for moral support!

Bryce was really only concerned as to whether or not there would be an alligator there.  Well happy birthday, Bryce.  There's your alligator!

They were able to touch the snakes, lizards, tortoise, and all the other reptiles I can't remember.

This picture cracks me up!

Even Emmy got in on the fun.  She talked about touching the snakes all day.  Bryce reminded her that she cried the last time we asked her to touch a snake at the Science Museum, but she mustered up some courage today!

They're braver than their mama!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bryce is 6

We started celebrating Bryce's birthday week on Saturday when he went to Monster Jam and there was no slowing down as the week progressed.  Bryce had a dentist appointment after school on Monday so I took him to Sweet Frog for a fun treat when we were done!
We went to Barnes and Noble last night so Bryce could get his kids club treat! 
Last picture as a 5 year old.
The presents all ready for the morning.

Happy boy!

I didn't have a birthday shirt made for Bryce this year, but luckily he had a shirt with a "6" on it!
Last year Jason and Bryce started a birthday tradition of going to Waffle House on his birthday.  Emmy and I tagged along this year!

They also went to Walmart last year to do the claw machine so we had to do that too!


Then he was off to school.  He even got there on time!  I came to school with lunch and a treat today and my sweet boy was excited to see me!

I thought it was so funny that all the girls wanted to join us for lunch.  His poor little boy friends didn't even stand a chance at getting a seat at the table.  Such a ladies' man!

We got Bryce a donut cake from the bakery this year!  Jason had to work but really wanted to see it so I made him a comparison picture.  Pretty impressive!

Just in case the little donut didn't give you a good size comparison!

We ended the night at Bryce's school for reptile night.  He and Jason were really looking forward to this. 
Happy Birthday sweet boy.  We love you so much!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

monster jam 2015

Each year Bryce starts off his birthday celebrations with Monster Jam.  The boys went to the Saturday afternoon show this year.  Emmy was very upset not to be going, but it was boys only this year!
Bryce's buddy, Thomas, and his dad joined them this year.

Jason was super excited that there would be a dirt track for the first time since they've been going.

None of the trucks flipped over during this show, but on the last trick, Grave Digger lost two wheels on a landing and Bryce was stoked!

This face says it all.  I'd say this was a pretty great way to start off Bryce's birthday week!

Happy almost birthday Bryceman!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

the rest of the week

We had planned to start a Taco Tuesday night with our neighbors this week, but the snow had other plans.  Thankfully, we were all able to get out on Wednesday so we changed taco night this week! 
I was tired of the snow play by Thursday so we made plans to go to story time with Thomas and Gracie.  It was definitely nice to have a little structure back in our day.
It was also nice to let someone else entertain the kids (even if it was only for 30 minutes).

Since school was out again on Friday, we made more plans with Thomas and Gracie.  This time we went to the Science Museum! Emmy was singing "Let It Go". 

Bryce and Gracie completed this feat with a little help from me and Barbara.  It fell almost immediately after they got out from under it.  Guess we weren't meant to be engineers.

Peek - a - Boo!

Bryce couldn't wait to see the Great White Shark movie in the IMAX theater.  Unfortunately, this was as close to seeing the sharks as Bryce got.  He's like me and couldn't handle the theater and was dizzy and sick to his stomach before the movie ever starated.  Poor buddy!

After this long, cold, snowy week of no school and being inside A LOT, it was nice to have a little down time with my girl before the kids went to bed last night
After the kids went to bed, I had big plans to relax after this week.  It was pure bliss! 
This morning we went to breakfast with Jason's family and then both kids went their own direction and Jason and I found some time to ourselves.  I've been binge watching Parenthood and spending many lazy afternoons on the sofa.  I finally decided I would take the ipad out to the garage and make better use of my time.  747 calories baby!!

The boys went to Monster Jam today (post to come later) so Emmy and I had some girl time when she came home this afternoon.  Nothing better than cuddles, cartoons, and chocolate in bed with my favorite girl. 

I'm loving these lazy days, but I'm tired of being cold and I want to be outside in the sun!  Bring on spring!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

more snow fun

It was nice not to drive anywhere in the snow yesterday, but the kids were eager to get to MeMa and PaPa's today to sled on their driveway! 
The girls enjoyed a ride on the real sled.

Snacks are just as good as sledding!

I only managed to take 4 pictures today and Chase wasn't in any of them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

epic snow day

The weathermen were right and we got snow!!  Our neighbors showed up at our door fist thing this morning and we all headed out for a walk.  Bryce was the most excited about the snow and he jumped right in. 
Love at first sight!

Snow angles in the middle of the street.

Emmy and her BFF, Mady.

We headed to the hill behind our house at the school after our walk.
Jason worked from home for part of the day so it was nice to have him home.  He's the biggest kid of all.

Bryce had a blast.  He had a little run in with a sled later in the morning and had to take an injury time out, but he's ok!

Emmy is fearless in the snow!

I enjoyed listening to her cackle the whole way down.

Even I got in on the action!

I'm pretty sure Emmy had the royal treatment today!
She has Mady wrapped around her little finger!

Love these ladies.
Snow days are a lot more fun with mimosas!  We just pretended we were enjoying drinks in the sand instead of the freezing snow!
The Windsor crew!
I just loved standing at the top of the hill and looking out on all the kids having so much fun!
After about two and a half hours in the snow, we headed in for an injury timeout.
Emmy took a LONG nap!  We all ended up at our neighbors house for lunch and a relaxing afternoon.

We did a little evening sledding and ended the night with a warm-ish fire.  We didn't last long!

I typically despise the snow, but today ranked up there as a best day ever!
We look a little rough, but we were happy!

My sweet snow babies.