Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bryce is 6

We started celebrating Bryce's birthday week on Saturday when he went to Monster Jam and there was no slowing down as the week progressed.  Bryce had a dentist appointment after school on Monday so I took him to Sweet Frog for a fun treat when we were done!
We went to Barnes and Noble last night so Bryce could get his kids club treat! 
Last picture as a 5 year old.
The presents all ready for the morning.

Happy boy!

I didn't have a birthday shirt made for Bryce this year, but luckily he had a shirt with a "6" on it!
Last year Jason and Bryce started a birthday tradition of going to Waffle House on his birthday.  Emmy and I tagged along this year!

They also went to Walmart last year to do the claw machine so we had to do that too!


Then he was off to school.  He even got there on time!  I came to school with lunch and a treat today and my sweet boy was excited to see me!

I thought it was so funny that all the girls wanted to join us for lunch.  His poor little boy friends didn't even stand a chance at getting a seat at the table.  Such a ladies' man!

We got Bryce a donut cake from the bakery this year!  Jason had to work but really wanted to see it so I made him a comparison picture.  Pretty impressive!

Just in case the little donut didn't give you a good size comparison!

We ended the night at Bryce's school for reptile night.  He and Jason were really looking forward to this. 
Happy Birthday sweet boy.  We love you so much!

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Shipley Mommy said...

We are so glad he had such a wonderful day, and Thomas was thrilled that he got to share so much of it with his best buddy like Bryce did with him!