Friday, February 6, 2015

happy 3rd birthday, emmy

Our sweet "Memmy" turned 3 today.  We opened presents as soon as she got up and she loved her bean bag chair and new gymnastics outfit we got her.  She was super excited about the little puppy Bryce picked for her because it was colored like Macy!
Emmy tested this shirt out a few times before the big day, but she was still thrilled to wear it today.  I was thrilled she let me braid her hair today for gymnastics.  I called them "birthday braids" and that sold it for her!

A little birthday collage.
birthday 2012 / one 2013 / two 2014 / three 2015

We went to gymnastics this morning, picked up her cake, finished her cookies for her party tomorrow and then she picked lunch at Subway with Nana and Pap.  I told her she didn't have to take a nap today, but clearly I wore her out so she got a cat nap on the sofa!

She chose pizza for dinner tonight before everyone came over for cake and ice cream with the family.  Once everyone arrived, presents were up first.  Emmy got lots of new clothes and plenty of Frozen goodies.  I only managed to get this picture during gifts.  Nana and Pap gave her the cutest Doc McStuffins robe and underneath, a Frozen nightgown!
She worked up quite an appetite opening presents!

She was adamant about a Frozen cake.  Her party tomorrow is not Frozen themed so we did that for the family party!

I think it's safe to say she had a great birthday.  Check back on Monday for a 3 year status update!

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