Thursday, February 5, 2015

tomorrow she is 2

We are members of the Barnes and Noble Kid's Club and the kids look forward to their free birthday treat every year.  We didn't have any plans yesterday so we headed out for some early birthday fun.  Emmy was so excited she fell asleep on the way there (at 9:45 in the morning), ha!
I'm pretty sure I could handle another year of her being two.  I just love her at this stage.

She eventually confiscated my hot chocolate!

Our neighbors couldn't wait to give Emmy her present so we went down to their house to get it and play a bit.  Mady took this sweet picture of my sweet girl.

Mady and Emmy love to have "real" tea parties at her house.  "Real" essentially means "with water".  Apparently Mady's tea parties were way more fun and messy than ours!  She has had about 752 tea parties since last night.  Thanks, Mady!

I think everything Emmy did today, I made the comment "this is the last time to do this as a 2 year old".  So I continued the sappiness until bedtime and got one last shot of my sweet 2 year old.
Jason spent the weekend putting a gate in the fence in our back yard.  We always jump the fence when we want to sled on our hill, walk Bryce to school or do things at his school.  Yesterday, Bryce and our neighbor, Will, walked to school and it was SO nice to have the gate.  They walked to school again today.  I'm pretty sure this will be a regular occurrence.  Now I just have to figure out protocol to pick Bryce up from school and I can save him from the long afternoon bus ride (despite the fact the school is in our backyard).

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