Monday, May 15, 2017

mother's day 2017

We had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!  Jason and the kids celebrated and spoiled me on Saturday.  We went to a fun breakfast spot to start the day and it was so good.  

The Fancy Biscuit did not disappoint!  Jason and I split a shrimp n' grits biscuit, a yummy quiche and ham and cheese grit tots.   

Since we were down in the city for breakfast, we decided to stop by the Science Museum since we were close.  Bryce got a membership for his birthday so it's nice that we can pop in for a short visit every now and then!

We also found ourselves at Target during Frappy Hour so I tried the new midnight mocha frapp!  And it was a good opportunity to show off my Mother's Day gift from Jason, an apple watch!

We had friends over for dinner and ordered in sushi.  It was a great day and I'm so thankful I get to be Bryce and Emmy's mama!

The kids surprised me with a few things Sunday morning.  

Bryce made a poem at school and wrote 'I Love U" in Legos!  Emmy painted a bird house at school and filled out the All About My Mom sheet.  I look forward to these every year!

The kids came home from church with a few treats too!

After church, it was all about our moms.  We had lunch at Jason's sister's house to celebrate his mom, grandma, grandmama and a few others moms in the family!  After plenty of food, baseball and a celebration for Chase's birthday, we picked up my mom and Nanny and went strawberry picking!

These are the memories I love most!

The strawberries were so good!  

They're the best straight off the vine!

I love these two more than they'll ever know!

The past few days had been cold and rainy so it was so refreshing to have such a beautiful day to get out and spend with family!

After strawberry picking we headed back to Mama's and grilled out before heading home for a family walk and then bed! 

emmy's preschool field trip

Emmy's class had their spring field trip to the botanical gardens last week.  I dropped her off at school and she rode the bus and I met her there.  The bus ride is just as fun for her as the field trip!

We had a fun time exploring the gardens and learning about butterflies!

Emmy has made the sweetest friends this year at school.  I'm sad she won't go to elementary school with either of these girls, but hopefully their friendships will last!  There are actually five other kids from her class going to her school though!

Emmy had a class full of girls this year (10 girls and 2 boys).  Most of them were able to make it to the field trip!

These allium flowers were my absolute favorite.  They're actually related to the onion family!  I'm going to need some in my yard next spring! 

more kings dominion fun

We went back to Kings Dominion for our second visit last Sunday and had the best time.  There was no one there and the lines were so short.  

Bryce has been pretty content to ride the kid rides even though he is tall enough to ride a few of the bigger "upside down" roller coasters.  He swore he wasn't going to ride any, but Jason got to him and he gave in.  I did not realize how nervous I would be when he decided to ride a big roller coaster! 

He loved it so much they rode it twice in a row!

Emmy didn't like that there are so many rides that Bryce can ride and she can't, but she's a good sport and rides everything she can!

I loved roller coasters as a kid, but I think the Ferris Wheel might be more my speed, ha!

They have a dinosaurs alive exhibit that comes with our pass and the boys couldn't wait to check it out.  Emmy just goes with the flow!

These old cars were my absolute favorite as a kid.  It was a hoot watching Bryce drive!  I told Jason this was a glimpse into our future!

I think we'll be spending lots of time at Kings Dominion this summer!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

a little bit of everything

We decided to get Kings Dominion passes this year instead of Busch Gardens since it's closer.  We went for the first time on Saturday night and reacquainted ourselves with the park since Jason and I hadn't been there in years.  The kids loved it and are ready to go back!

I sure do love the one on one time I get with Emmy after preschool.  I sure am going to miss her when she goes to kindergarten next year.

Bryce's school had teacher pizza delivery night on Tuesday.  His teacher didn't deliver to us, but these ladies who did, were definitely dressed for the 70's theme.

This girl is one of a kind!

Our friends the Shipleys just bought a new house and they're a bit closer to us now!  They weren't far, but now the boys will get to continue to go to the same elementary school and now they'll go to the same middle and high school!

They have a tire swing in their front yard and my kids were hooked!



So life isn't dull with a puppy!  Our next door neighbor got a new dog right after we got Bentley.  It's a big dog and he is kind of mean, but he and Bentley have become friends and they love to chase each other up and down the fence.  Bentley likes to play with him and Friday he had his paw through the slats of our fence and apparently the other dog scratched him when he pawed back.  

After a quick trip to the vet for a little glue, a bandage, the cone of shame and some medicine, he is on the mend. 

He looked so pitiful, but he handled it well.  The bandage didn't stay on long, but he doesn't mind the cone, thank goodness.

He's a cute little thing!

Best buds!

field trip

Jason was off last Wednesday to go on a field trip with Bryce so we had a breakfast date with Emmy before we dropped her off at school.

Bryce and I were glad that Jason could join us on this field trip!  The morning started off chilly and then the sum came out and it was a perfect day for baseball!

Bryce's teacher on the left and his student teacher in the middle!  Notice Bryce made a hat change midway through the game.  He's had a toddler sized hat for a while so he got a souvenir from the trip!

There are a couple of yummy ice cream places close to the stadium so instead of getting ballpark treats, Bryce opted for ice cream after the game.  He picked King of Pops and got a yummy cookies and cream popsicle.  

I like King of Pops, but they just opened a new location of our favorite ice cream shop right up the street so Jason and I opted for that!  

We had a great day with our big boy!

family lunch

My cousin was in town from Idaho last week so we met up for lunch in Fredericksburg.  Bryce was pretty excited to get out of school early at his lunch time (10:55) for an afternoon away from school.

When in Fredericksburg, you must visit Carl's!  Even if it's raining!