Monday, May 15, 2017

more kings dominion fun

We went back to Kings Dominion for our second visit last Sunday and had the best time.  There was no one there and the lines were so short.  

Bryce has been pretty content to ride the kid rides even though he is tall enough to ride a few of the bigger "upside down" roller coasters.  He swore he wasn't going to ride any, but Jason got to him and he gave in.  I did not realize how nervous I would be when he decided to ride a big roller coaster! 

He loved it so much they rode it twice in a row!

Emmy didn't like that there are so many rides that Bryce can ride and she can't, but she's a good sport and rides everything she can!

I loved roller coasters as a kid, but I think the Ferris Wheel might be more my speed, ha!

They have a dinosaurs alive exhibit that comes with our pass and the boys couldn't wait to check it out.  Emmy just goes with the flow!

These old cars were my absolute favorite as a kid.  It was a hoot watching Bryce drive!  I told Jason this was a glimpse into our future!

I think we'll be spending lots of time at Kings Dominion this summer!

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