Thursday, May 4, 2017

field trip

Jason was off last Wednesday to go on a field trip with Bryce so we had a breakfast date with Emmy before we dropped her off at school.

Bryce and I were glad that Jason could join us on this field trip!  The morning started off chilly and then the sum came out and it was a perfect day for baseball!

Bryce's teacher on the left and his student teacher in the middle!  Notice Bryce made a hat change midway through the game.  He's had a toddler sized hat for a while so he got a souvenir from the trip!

There are a couple of yummy ice cream places close to the stadium so instead of getting ballpark treats, Bryce opted for ice cream after the game.  He picked King of Pops and got a yummy cookies and cream popsicle.  

I like King of Pops, but they just opened a new location of our favorite ice cream shop right up the street so Jason and I opted for that!  

We had a great day with our big boy!

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