Thursday, May 4, 2017

a little bit of everything

We decided to get Kings Dominion passes this year instead of Busch Gardens since it's closer.  We went for the first time on Saturday night and reacquainted ourselves with the park since Jason and I hadn't been there in years.  The kids loved it and are ready to go back!

I sure do love the one on one time I get with Emmy after preschool.  I sure am going to miss her when she goes to kindergarten next year.

Bryce's school had teacher pizza delivery night on Tuesday.  His teacher didn't deliver to us, but these ladies who did, were definitely dressed for the 70's theme.

This girl is one of a kind!

Our friends the Shipleys just bought a new house and they're a bit closer to us now!  They weren't far, but now the boys will get to continue to go to the same elementary school and now they'll go to the same middle and high school!

They have a tire swing in their front yard and my kids were hooked!


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