Thursday, July 30, 2015

birthday celebrations

We made plans with our neighbors to have brunch last Sunday to celebrate our summer birthdays and anniversaries.  We went to the Boathouse on the James River and had a great time. 
Jason and Chris had birthdays in June and mine was Tuesday.

We actually have the same anniversary as Chris and Dabney.  They will be celebrating their first year of marriage this year!  We're up to 12 years!!

I celebrated with Kathryn and Beth on Monday.  Kathryn treated me to lunch and bought me some beautiful flowers and Beth bought me some super yummy cookies from a fun new bakery in Ashland. 
If you're local, check out Sugar Fix Bakery.

The roses were all opened and beautiful when we got home today!

Monday night we had Chipotle take out at my parents' house and then they hosted all the family for dessert. 

Those boys are too silly!

Matching raccoon leggings!

I had a great two days of celebrating with friends and family.  Stay tuned for our family fun day in Chincoteague on my actual birthday!!

neighborhood fun

I uploaded these pictures last week and never posted them! 
A family down the street hosted a backyard VBS at their house last week and the kids really enjoyed attending each night.  One night after VBS, all the neighbors got together and hung out for a bit while the kids played.  We have such a fun neighborhood!
We made a new friend that week!  Nicole went to high school with me and turns out she lives right down the street from us.

Bryce loves playing with the bigger boys.

My babies!

Monkey in the tree!

Another monkey in the tree.

It's always a good time with these people!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

one week until 33

My birthday is NEXT Tuesday!  I'm super excited about our little family vacation we'll be taking next Tuesday through Thursday.  We'll be going to Chincoteague, VA for Pony Penning Day to watch the ponies swim over from Assateague Island.  This may not mean much to some, but I taught VA history for 7 years and while teaching the five regions of Virginia, we read Misty of Chincoteague while studying the Tidewater region.  I'm super excited to finally see the event I read about for so many years!  I'll be sure to post a full re-cap when we get back!
While this trip is the perfect way to spend my birthday, I may still be dreaming of a few things I'd like to have.  

I L.O.V.E. Target.  From clothes to home d├ęcor  to wine, I could spend my life savings in this store!

 I really only seem to read during the summer.  I have read quite a few books this summer, but all the other books on my list to read never seem to be in at the library.  I may have to break down and buy some of the books I want to read.

I mean we all need new underwear every now and then!  It's one of those things I don't like to spend money on even though it's a necessity!

Make-up is expensive and I always need more!
A few other things I have my eye on (I mean a girl can dream):
Fit Bit
I'm not really sure I would benefit from a fit bit, but it seems like a fun gadget and may motivate me to lose all the weight I've gained since I've been staying home with the kids.
Remote car starter

I had a remote start for my old car and I loved it.  I sure do miss it in my new car.

Pots and Pans

We've had the same pots and pans for 12 years.  I don't know what kind of life they have, but ours seem worn out and dingy!  I'm thinking it's time for new ones!
Hopefully Jason will take a peek at this before it's too late (wink wink)!

peach pickin'

Courtney and I took the kids on a little field trip to Carter Mountain to pick peaches yesterday!
It was a super hot day, but it was 10 degrees cooler at the top of the mountain and there was plenty of shade from the peach trees.

Don't mind the tattoos.  The kids have gone crazy with them lately! 

There were plenty of peaches at picking level for both of the kids.

Mama, Emmy and the monkey in the back!

I like the peaches, but I go on these trips for the photo opportunities!

They taste so good!

They gotta work for their keep!

Courtney and I enjoyed a peach slushie after the hike!

My sweet girl.

Courtney and I enjoyed ourselves a little too much in the gift shop.  We're thinking about having our own paint night to recreate these fun signs. 

These wine koozies may have made their way into our bag of peaches!  No better way to end a fun day!

We've made so many great summer memories so far!  We've got tons more in store!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

blogger app test

I really don't have much to blog about, but I wanted to give the blogger app a try since I only take pictures on my phone anymore!

I try to get the kids to do something educational each day. Emmy was practicing 'Es' this particular day and Bryce was writing about our trip to the Orioles game.

A friend of ours passed away unexpectedly last year and Tuesday marked the one year anniversary. Her mom held a memorial at the school where she taught ( and Bryce attends) and we all dressed as purple princesses in her honor.

We went on a park play date with Chase and Taylor the other day and Bryce enjoyed showing off the wildlife. 

Cousin picture!

They were "playing" American Ninja Warrior!

And apparently summer caught up with Bryce this Friday because he fell asleep while playing on the iPad.

Monday, July 13, 2015

orioles game

We went to Baltimore yesterday and took the kids to their first Orioles game.
Jason has always been an Orioles fan and he passed on the love to Bryce.  Jason even made sure Bryce's baseball team was the Orioles this past spring. 

We had all the hats and Jason's shirt (not the Hawaiian one), but the kids and I needed some spirit wear so we hit up Target last week!

I snapped this picture of the kids when we first got there and put it on instagram with the hashtag #birdland and it eventually showed up on the big screen behind them before the game was over!  Bryce saw it and was super excited!

Such a fun memory for the kiddos!

Emmy eventually took her afternoon nap in Jason's lap!

Very intent on watching the game!

Ice cream in the helmet is the best part!

Emmy opted for dippin' dots instead.

High fivin' after Adam Jones' second home run!

His first home run landed in the section next to us!

Our littlest O's fan!

It was a warm day, but not too hot.  The game was surprisingly short which was the perfect length for the kiddos.  We got Orioles Hawaiian shirts as a giveaway and we sat with our neighbors at the game.  It was a super fun day!