Wednesday, July 8, 2015

sandbridge 2015

Last week was our annual beach vacation.  We had a wonderful week with gorgeous weather and perfect temperatures.  I've become a slacker with my big camera so all of these pics were captured on my phone. 
We went straight to the ocean when we got there on Saturday!
This year we stayed a few streets from the beach and our house was on the Back Bay.  We had a little dock out back for sitting and fishing!

It took me a while to convince Emmy to wear a little bikini, but she quickly fell in love with it.

She called it a "zucchini" before she realized I was saying "bikini"!

Bryce was a boogie boarding machine!

Jason caught this bass early in the week and I think that was the only catch of the week.

Our little mermaid!

No naps were taken in a bed, but she caught a few long naps on the beach.

It's always a good day at the beach when we find the ice cream truck.

This was our ride for the week.  All ten of us actually fit on it.

I love these two cuties! 
This one is always ready for a picture.

She asked Jason to bury her in the sand all week.  MeMa and I weren't a fan of it, but all ended well.

Time for another nap.

Enjoying some fishing on the dock while the sun set.

The cousins


Jason took the boys for a kayak ride in the ocean.  They loved it!  The dolphin were everywhere the day they went out!


The girls gave the kayak a try, but didn't make it past the breakers!

We had professional beach pictures taken while we were there.  This was before we left the house.  I'll post the good ones once I have a chance to go through all of them.

Luckily Jason had his eyes open for the real pictures!

Some of the kids preferred the kayak rides in the bay.

We can assume they had a great week!  Emmy is the only one who ever sleeps in the car and they were both asleep within an hour of leaving at 7:45 am and we were home by 10!

Thank you MeMa and PaPa for another great year at the beach!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Clearly a fun week for all of you! You packed in a lot of action! Great pictures as always.

You are aware she is wearing a teeny weeny yellow sort-of polka dot bikini, right?! :)