Friday, June 26, 2015

our week

After Jason's birthday celebrations on Monday, we finally had some time to slow down and enjoy summer.  We went to a local sprayground on Tuesday with some friends. 
I think my kids may be the only ones who wear goggles there, ha!

It was already in the nineties while we were there at 9:30!

Soaking up our final days with the Shipleys.

The mail man dropped off some lovelies at my house and I finally got them on the deck.  What a transformation!

We needed to make a Target run on Wednesday.  This is how we do Target!

I also went to the library and stocked up on beach reads for next week!

The kids had a sleepover with MeMa and PaPa on Wednesday night so I went to the pool with a friend Thursday morning and it was so nice to sit in the sun and relax and not get in the water and catch a certain three year old one million times!

Last night we went out for ice cream with one of Bryce's friends he met in preschool and has played baseball with ever since!

Emmy is quite fond of Henry's little sister, Emily (who also goes by Emmy)!

Bryce has been reading to complete the Barnes and Noble summer reading program.  He finished his 8th book yesterday so we went to Barnes and Noble this morning for his free book!  Bryce wanted a beach read too!

I'd say our second week of summer was a success!

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Shipley Mommy said...

You guys aren't wasting any time this summer--kudos to you! (Seriously!) So glad we could share a least a little bit of it with you :)