Sunday, October 30, 2016

it's emmy's world

With Bryce in school and Emmy home with me two days a week and after preschool, we have a lot of time together!  I'm cherishing every minute because next year is going to be a hard reality when she goes to kindergarten.  

The week before last, Emmy finished up her last session of Big Dipper gymnastics class.  She moved up to the Shining Stars class that will hopefully help her progress as a gymnast!

We found ourselves at Target one day and she talked me into a cake pop from Starbucks! 

Emmy went to Taylor's school on Friday to see her receive an award.  Matching outfits were a must! 

We had a girls day on Friday and Emmy talked me into a train ride at the mall.  Turns out, she's never been on the train.  If she has, she was young enough that neither of us remember it!

We headed to Taylor's 7th birthday party that night at the SPCA.

The kittens were the cutest (even though I don't like cats), but luckily the kids didn't talk us into coming home with a new dog even though they are working hard on us!

We went to a Halloween themed birthday party for our friend Avery who turned 5 on Saturday!

My pretty little Sofia the First.

And you can't be that cute and have this much fun without getting your beauty sleep.  She curled up with me in Jason's chair on Saturday night and fell right to sleep.  These are the moments I cherish most.  

Bryce is staying busy with school and baseball and watching every second of the world series and every football game he can.  I'll work on getting some pictures of him soon!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

pumpkin patch

Emmy had her school field trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday! Here she is with some of her sweet friends riding the covered wagon to the field.

Nana joined us for the fun!

It was a warm day for pumpkin picking so we opted for shorts rather than fun fall outfits!

She got to plant a pumpkin seed.  We'll see if it turns into anything!

Some of the kids from her class. 

We pet the cows and felt them our apple cores after snack.

The corn maze was my favorite part.

The corn kernel pit was Emmy's favorite part! 

One more attempt at a class photo!  

Monday, October 17, 2016

apple pickin'

One of our favorite things to do as a family is pick apples in the fall.  The orchard we normally go to has gotten so popular and over crowded.  We visited their sister orchard a few years back and fell in love with it!  It has all the things we love of the other orchard, but not as many people.  WIN!

Because it's smaller and a little later in the season, there weren't many apples in reach, but the kids had a blast climbing to find a few good ones!

Thank goodness for daddy!

The boys are a bit more adventurous!

Bryce's favorite part was climbing to get the apples.  

Granny smith for daddy and fuji for me and the kids!

Emmy and I took a picture similar to this a few years back and Jason thought to recreate it this year.  Love him!  And her!


Sweet girl.


A rare photo of us!

We had the most perfect fall day!

And while the apples and the picking are fun, we really go for the apple cider donuts!  And over the years, the orchards have built tasting rooms for my favorite hard cider!  This year I also got pumpkin dump cake with vanilla soft serve.  Oh my was it good!

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

great wolf lodge

We went away for a little getaway this past weekend with Nanny and Nana! At the beginning of last week, it was looking like the hurricane track was going to keep us home, but it turned and we ended up having a perfect rainy day to be inside a water park!

This was our first visit to Great Wolf Lodge and it didn't disappoint.  

A little pina colada to get me through!

They have trick-or-treating on the weekends in October!

Sofia the First and a Lego Ninjago man! 

Jason is a big kid at heart.  As soon as he did this, Bryce covered his mouth in shock of Jason "breaking the rules".

This little bucket dumping water on him was nothing compared to the big barrel that dumped massive amounts of water at one time!

The lily pads were one of their favorites.

Strong girl.

The water slides were our favorite.

It was hard to get pictures in the water park because I didn't have my phone with me most of the time.  We wished we had brought the go pro to get pictures and actions shots going through the tubes.  Nana even went down the slides with us and Nanny was always at the bottom waiting for us.

We had a great time and already have our November road trip with Nanny and Nana planned.

Monday, October 3, 2016

nationals game

We've been wanting to go to a Nationals game and this past weekend was the last of their regular season home games.  It rained all week so we weren't sure how Saturday would be.  It ended up raining the entire way to DC and we got cold and wet making our way to the metro station, but once we stepped off the metro, the skies cleared and we never got wet!

Even if the game had been a bust, I told myself that at least the kids had fun on the metro, ha!

We sat in right field behind Bryce Harper.  I had one excited Bryce!

Cousin fun

Love these two.

My only request was that we got a family picture while we were there!

Best friends

I sure do love these three.  

It was a great day with lots of laughs and great memories made!