Sunday, October 30, 2016

it's emmy's world

With Bryce in school and Emmy home with me two days a week and after preschool, we have a lot of time together!  I'm cherishing every minute because next year is going to be a hard reality when she goes to kindergarten.  

The week before last, Emmy finished up her last session of Big Dipper gymnastics class.  She moved up to the Shining Stars class that will hopefully help her progress as a gymnast!

We found ourselves at Target one day and she talked me into a cake pop from Starbucks! 

Emmy went to Taylor's school on Friday to see her receive an award.  Matching outfits were a must! 

We had a girls day on Friday and Emmy talked me into a train ride at the mall.  Turns out, she's never been on the train.  If she has, she was young enough that neither of us remember it!

We headed to Taylor's 7th birthday party that night at the SPCA.

The kittens were the cutest (even though I don't like cats), but luckily the kids didn't talk us into coming home with a new dog even though they are working hard on us!

We went to a Halloween themed birthday party for our friend Avery who turned 5 on Saturday!

My pretty little Sofia the First.

And you can't be that cute and have this much fun without getting your beauty sleep.  She curled up with me in Jason's chair on Saturday night and fell right to sleep.  These are the moments I cherish most.  

Bryce is staying busy with school and baseball and watching every second of the world series and every football game he can.  I'll work on getting some pictures of him soon!

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