Tuesday, April 29, 2014


How I managed to let a week go by without posting is beyond me, but I guess we were too busy!  We went over to the racetrack on Friday afternoon when Bryce got out of school to take in some of the fun.
Who needs racecars when you have monster trucks?!

Where is Bryce?

A little ice cream stop to refuel.

Bryce got a little help from Jason in the race simulator.
Jason didn't need too much help, but he got plenty of support!

Bryce has really enjoyed going to the arena races this year so he was excited to get to sit in one of the cars.

Emmy joined the boys in the love picture this year.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

back to the Children's Museum

Our Children's Museum membership ran out on Bryce's birthday, and while Emmy got a renewal for her birthday, we hadn't really had a chance to get out there until today!
Picking apples is always a favorite.

Milking a cow is much easier on a display than a real one. 

Sweet Emmy girl.  She stayed close to me and Ms. Barbara today because McGruff the crime dog was there and well, her fear of mascots is about the same, if not worse than Bryce's was at her age.

They had a new water exhibit and Bryce liked it the best.

Emmy thought it was pretty cool too!

It was a beautiful day so we spent a lot of time outside while we were there.

Emmy would have stayed there and opened and closed those doors all day long if I'd let her.  Thankfully she was pretty good at it and never closed a finger in them.  That would have put a quick end to a good day!

And what's a trip to the museum without a ride on the carousel?!?  I convinced Emmy to ride it, but she refused to sit on an animal so we rode on a bench. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

we finally had baseball again

Tonight was Bryce's first baseball game in quite some time.  He played on opening day two weeks ago and then his second game was rained out.  Last week was spring break so there weren't any games.  Had it not been spring break, he would of had three more games last week. 
Bryce played right field the first inning, short stop the second inning, and first base the last inning.  He had a near death collision at short stop when he and the base runner collided while he was trying to get the ball, but things improved later when he made an out at first base!

I'm the team mom so I stay in the dugout during the game.  And even though Emmy had more than enough people there to entertain her, she still wanted to be with me. 

She finally found her way into the dugout with me!

Thanks for the pictures, Rosabeth!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Resurrection Sunday

We started our Easter Sunday with empty tomb rolls for breakfast.  Jason's mom has made these with her Sunday school in the past, but we couldn't remember if Bryce had ever done it so we started a new tradition this morning!  Jason told the story while the kids helped prepare "Jesus and the tomb".  Such a fun object lesson to bring this to life for the kids!   
After breakfast we got fancied up for church.  I tried to convince Jason not to wear his camo tux jacket, but I lost.  Imagine that!  He told me it was the nicest thing he owns (I kind of disagree) and that if he met Jesus today, this is exactly what he wanted to be wearing, ha!  Can't argue with that!

I still can't get them both to look at the camera and SMILE, but they're still so cute!


I had signed up to help with breakfast in our foyer this morning so I decided to do something a little special since it was Easter.  I really wanted to do a watermelon creation with a cross.  I told Jason what I was thinking, he adapted it, and created this masterpiece for me!

He is Risen!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

the rest of our spring break

The rest of spring break has been almost a blur.  The kids spent a lot of time with grandparents and cousins so there were fewer pictures to document the fun.  However, Emmy and I got away for a play date at Romp n Roll on Thursday.  She and her friend Avery had a fun time.
Some of the classes have a lot of gym time, but this class focused a lot on music and instruments.  Emmy loved it!

The bubble party at the end is always fun!

Friday morning started off with a trip to Krispy Kreme with MeMa and PaPa. 

Oh, and this happened this week.  My mom and I were out shopping and it just so happened to be Sonic happy hour.  I'm always at home for nap time during happy hour, so this was quite a treat!

And if one trip to the claw machine this week wasn't enough, the boys were back at it again this afternoon!
The kids were excited to get Easter cards in the mail from Nina and Pop today.  They're even more excited that a trip to Chick Fil A is in our near future.  Thanks, Nina and Pop!
After dinner we headed over to the Shipley's house to dye Easter eggs.  The kids had a great time and then decided to watch Frozen when they were done.  My kids were digging the popcorn!  Thanks for a fun night, Shipleys!

Once we were home and in pajamas, we ended the night with our favorite Easter stories to make sure we focused on the real reason we celebrate Easter. 

It's been a fun week being off of our schedule, but it's back to routine on Monday!

a new look

We have lived in our house for 4 years and have not done a single thing to decorate our bedroom.  All I've done is switch out bedspreads every now and then.  We lived in our old house for 7 years and had it exactly like we wanted it when we left.  We also had two incomes and no children for the majority of the time so we had time and money to decorate.  Time and money will be my excuse as to why it took me 4 years to decorate my new bedroom!
I always tell myself that it doesn't matter what our bedroom looks like because no one ever sees it but us.  But then I got to thinking that was a lame excuse and we need to have our own haven to relax in.  I happened to be at Target with my mom one day when I saw this bedspread (below).  She said she had been wanting to get me a new one because she had seen the old one (above) that I was using that I had on my childhood bed, ha!  The bedspread really inspired me to paint and decorate! 

Our bedroom is pretty big and the ceilings are tall.  I am not fond of painting so I had a friend come in and do that for me.  She did an awesome job.  I knew I wanted something big behind our bed to take up some of the space.  I really like this lattice wall art I found at Pottery Barn.  They had it displayed as a headboard on their website so I did the same!

We really didn't utilize the space in the room before and just wasted it with things like a laundry basket.  I decided to move a dresser in its place and even though it's a little big, it worked pretty well.  
The main reason I was ok with how the dresser fit in place of the laundry basket is because I got it out of the corner in the picture below to open up that space for a sitting area. 

I just love how this area turned out.  I was super excited to find this chair/loveseat at Home Goods.  It was perfect for the space.  I've been doing my daily Bible reading here and Macy loves to curl up with me.  She's pretty good about sharing the space with me!
The biggest labor of love for this transformation was painting the furniture.  I wasn't looking forward to tackling it because I just get too overwhelmed with projects because I'm a perfectionist and I just really doubt myself.  But I mustered up the courage and painted all the pieces antique white.  This is just phase one of the new look.  I still need some things for the walls, some window treatments, some lighting for the sitting area (that old lamp I pieced together with things throughout the house is not permanent), and some things to spruce up the dresser tops.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

rainy day fun

In an attempt to keep the momentum going on spring break fun, I decided to take the kids to see a movie today since it was so rainy.  We stopped at Target for a soft pretzel for lunch first.

We saw Rio this past summer during our theater's dollar movie series.  I stopped into the movie theater a few months ago for a gift card and Bryce saw the signs for Rio 2 and he's been counting down to see it.  Emmy has never been to the movies and doesn't really sit through an entire movie at home, so my plan was to go at nap time in hopes of her sleeping most of the time.  She is still free so it didn't matter either way.

Bryce enjoyed the movie and Emmy loved sitting in her own seat and snacking on jelly beans while we watched the previews.  She eventually moved into my lap and fell asleep about a minute into the movie.  She ended up sleeping for about an hour and did fine once she woke up.

We went out to dinner with Jason's parents tonight and then walked down to Kroger afterwards so Bryce could do the claw machine. 

Winner, Winner!!

It was almost 80 degrees yesterday and tonight it's sleeting outside.  That's what you would expect for spring break weather, right?!?

Monday, April 14, 2014

the start of spring break

I'm a routine kind of girl, but something about spring break makes me so excited to throw out the schedule and just "be"!  We have NOTHING planned this week other than a play date for Emmy on Thursday morning.  We can do whatever we want, whenever we want, and I am so excited.
I got up early before the kids to get some painting done and then the kids just played around the house while I did some organizing and such.  They were so excited when MeMa called and invited them to play putt putt.  They went out to lunch and did a little shopping afterwards and then spent the afternoon at her house.  They had a blast. 

Nanny took us out to dinner and dessert tonight.  It was the perfect ending to the first day of spring break!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

fishing and other sunday fun

Jason had home communion after church today and one of the ladies he visits has a pond in her backyard so we decided to join him for a picnic and some fishing on this beautiful day.  Emmy took a nap on the way over so she'd be rested up for the fun!
LOVE them!

Waiting for a nibble.

 Daddy caught a fish!

Checking it out.

Fish face.
Today was Palm Sunday.  The kids enjoyed being a part of the service this morning.  They waved their palm branches while we sang Hosanna. 
Emmy was hard to see, but she never waved her palm branch, ha!

Sunday night we headed to a birthday party.  It was a great evening to be outside.

Another perfect family day!