Sunday, April 20, 2014

Resurrection Sunday

We started our Easter Sunday with empty tomb rolls for breakfast.  Jason's mom has made these with her Sunday school in the past, but we couldn't remember if Bryce had ever done it so we started a new tradition this morning!  Jason told the story while the kids helped prepare "Jesus and the tomb".  Such a fun object lesson to bring this to life for the kids!   
After breakfast we got fancied up for church.  I tried to convince Jason not to wear his camo tux jacket, but I lost.  Imagine that!  He told me it was the nicest thing he owns (I kind of disagree) and that if he met Jesus today, this is exactly what he wanted to be wearing, ha!  Can't argue with that!

I still can't get them both to look at the camera and SMILE, but they're still so cute!


I had signed up to help with breakfast in our foyer this morning so I decided to do something a little special since it was Easter.  I really wanted to do a watermelon creation with a cross.  I told Jason what I was thinking, he adapted it, and created this masterpiece for me!

He is Risen!

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