Tuesday, April 22, 2014

back to the Children's Museum

Our Children's Museum membership ran out on Bryce's birthday, and while Emmy got a renewal for her birthday, we hadn't really had a chance to get out there until today!
Picking apples is always a favorite.

Milking a cow is much easier on a display than a real one. 

Sweet Emmy girl.  She stayed close to me and Ms. Barbara today because McGruff the crime dog was there and well, her fear of mascots is about the same, if not worse than Bryce's was at her age.

They had a new water exhibit and Bryce liked it the best.

Emmy thought it was pretty cool too!

It was a beautiful day so we spent a lot of time outside while we were there.

Emmy would have stayed there and opened and closed those doors all day long if I'd let her.  Thankfully she was pretty good at it and never closed a finger in them.  That would have put a quick end to a good day!

And what's a trip to the museum without a ride on the carousel?!?  I convinced Emmy to ride it, but she refused to sit on an animal so we rode on a bench. 

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