Saturday, April 19, 2014

a new look

We have lived in our house for 4 years and have not done a single thing to decorate our bedroom.  All I've done is switch out bedspreads every now and then.  We lived in our old house for 7 years and had it exactly like we wanted it when we left.  We also had two incomes and no children for the majority of the time so we had time and money to decorate.  Time and money will be my excuse as to why it took me 4 years to decorate my new bedroom!
I always tell myself that it doesn't matter what our bedroom looks like because no one ever sees it but us.  But then I got to thinking that was a lame excuse and we need to have our own haven to relax in.  I happened to be at Target with my mom one day when I saw this bedspread (below).  She said she had been wanting to get me a new one because she had seen the old one (above) that I was using that I had on my childhood bed, ha!  The bedspread really inspired me to paint and decorate! 

Our bedroom is pretty big and the ceilings are tall.  I am not fond of painting so I had a friend come in and do that for me.  She did an awesome job.  I knew I wanted something big behind our bed to take up some of the space.  I really like this lattice wall art I found at Pottery Barn.  They had it displayed as a headboard on their website so I did the same!

We really didn't utilize the space in the room before and just wasted it with things like a laundry basket.  I decided to move a dresser in its place and even though it's a little big, it worked pretty well.  
The main reason I was ok with how the dresser fit in place of the laundry basket is because I got it out of the corner in the picture below to open up that space for a sitting area. 

I just love how this area turned out.  I was super excited to find this chair/loveseat at Home Goods.  It was perfect for the space.  I've been doing my daily Bible reading here and Macy loves to curl up with me.  She's pretty good about sharing the space with me!
The biggest labor of love for this transformation was painting the furniture.  I wasn't looking forward to tackling it because I just get too overwhelmed with projects because I'm a perfectionist and I just really doubt myself.  But I mustered up the courage and painted all the pieces antique white.  This is just phase one of the new look.  I still need some things for the walls, some window treatments, some lighting for the sitting area (that old lamp I pieced together with things throughout the house is not permanent), and some things to spruce up the dresser tops.


Niki said...

Grace! I love this! Please come do my house ASAP!!!!!

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