Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter party and bikes

Bryce had his Easter egg hunt and party at school today.  Jason was off today so we made it a family affair.
The kids had to find 11 eggs with their name on them.  Bryce passed by quite a few of his many times before he started finding any.  And since Jason helped hide them, he put some of Bryce's in hard to find/reach places.

I brought some extra eggs for Emmy and her friend Emily to find, but they were more interested in the playground equipment.

Once Emmy did find her eggs, she couldn't stop eating the candy!

Thomas and Bryce

Henry, Bryce and Thomas

Emily (they call her Emmy) and Emmy!

Our two good eggs, ha!

Class picture (minus one).

The kids have been participating in a St. Jude fundraiser (trike a thon) and learning about bike safety.  Unfortunately, there was no actual trike a thon for the kids so one of the moms arranged for the kids to bring their bikes to ride after school today.   

A few of the kids stayed and rode for a while.  It was a perfect day for all this outdoor fun!

She just melts my heart.

Happy Friday!

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