Tuesday, April 8, 2014

i love a rainy night

It rained all day Monday and Bryce's baseball game got cancelled.  I figured as a consolation, I would be a fun mom and let the kids put on their rain boots and go play in the puddles!
Emmy had fun at first.

Bryce made some pretty big splashes which in turn got Emmy pretty wet!

She enjoyed just looking at the puddles by the end of it!

Rewind to Sunday and this was my car after church.  We took the youth group to see God's Not Dead.  There were too many kids for the church van so we sent the boys with Jason and I took the girls.  It was a great movie and I highly recommend going to see it.
We went to an Easter egg hunt this morning with our MOPs friends.  It was still wet from the rain so we hunted inside.  The kids didn't mind one bit!

I sure am loving dressing the kids in spring colors and prints!

Happy Tuesday!

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