Tuesday, April 15, 2014

rainy day fun

In an attempt to keep the momentum going on spring break fun, I decided to take the kids to see a movie today since it was so rainy.  We stopped at Target for a soft pretzel for lunch first.

We saw Rio this past summer during our theater's dollar movie series.  I stopped into the movie theater a few months ago for a gift card and Bryce saw the signs for Rio 2 and he's been counting down to see it.  Emmy has never been to the movies and doesn't really sit through an entire movie at home, so my plan was to go at nap time in hopes of her sleeping most of the time.  She is still free so it didn't matter either way.

Bryce enjoyed the movie and Emmy loved sitting in her own seat and snacking on jelly beans while we watched the previews.  She eventually moved into my lap and fell asleep about a minute into the movie.  She ended up sleeping for about an hour and did fine once she woke up.

We went out to dinner with Jason's parents tonight and then walked down to Kroger afterwards so Bryce could do the claw machine. 

Winner, Winner!!

It was almost 80 degrees yesterday and tonight it's sleeting outside.  That's what you would expect for spring break weather, right?!?

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