Sunday, January 15, 2017

mommy and me

There was a Mommy and Me class at the barre studio today and Taylor had asked if Emmy and I wanted to go.  Emmy was super excited for the invitation so I got us all signed up.  Taylor gave Emmy a shirt for the special occasion!

I was a little nervous how Emmy would do since the class is geared for 5-12 year olds.  We snuck in under the radar with her birthday only being a few weeks away!

This was our "silly" picture.  So maybe it's not so silly, but we tried!

I was only able to snap this one picture during the class, but how cute was Emmy in her plank?!

I've really enjoyed attending barre classes and was in a good routine before the holidays.  I hope now that the snow is gone and we'll be back to a pretty regular schedule this week that I'll be able to get back to it two times a week!

puppy love

The kids have been asking relentlessly when we'd get another dog.  I personally was not ready and was on the fence about ever getting another dog, but Jason and the kids wore me down.  We surprised the kids with this little guy on Monday night!

To say they were excited, is an understatement!

Two happy kiddos!

Love at first sight!

By Tuesday morning, we finally had a name to share!

A boy and his dog!

She told her daddy she wanted a black dog with a white nose.  So nice of him to deliver!

At 8 weeks, he's just shy of 3 pounds!

I've been enjoying a few puppy snuggles in between cleaning up messes!  He's actually doing pretty well, but it sure is an adjustment getting used to having a puppy again!

We're getting pretty close in our time together.  He wants to be on me wherever I am!

Jason has been enjoying the extra naps with him too, but I just have the pics from my phone with me. 


We had our first snow of the year last weekend and the kids were stoked.  After the first mention of snow the week before, MeMa made plans for a snow sleepover with the grand kids.  She came and got them Friday night and here they are Saturday morning, excited to see that it had in fact snowed over night. They pulled out all the snow tricks with inside out and backward pajamas and all those other silly rituals!

This was the quiet, calm view from our house!

This was the view at MeMa and PaPa's house.

Jason and I had a real adult snow day!  It was nice not having do to sledding duty the first day, but we did suit up and take a walk around the neighborhood.  

The kids got another sleepover at MeMa's since they were snowed in.  They enjoyed a little snow cream dessert. 

Everyone came back to our house after church on Sunday and did some sledding.  

Always ready for an adventure!

This one never wants to be left out!

Sledding is always more fun with daddy!

There they go!

A few snow angels before coming in for the day!

The rest of the days the snow was on the ground the temperature was about 2 degrees so we did't go back out and play in it.  And of course, they're already ready for the next snow!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

new years eve

We rang in the new year with our annual get together at the Shipleys!  The kids always look forward to this and have a great time with their friends. 

I pray that she never loses that smile and sparkle in her eye.  It's going to be a good year for this soon to be five year old who goes to kindergarten this year.  Slow down time!

This one has come out of his shell a bit!  I pray he is always strong and courageous!  I can't wait to see what this year has in store for him!

Cheers to 2017!!

A look back at New Years over the years!

Thanks Shipleys for this fun annual tradition!

Friday, December 30, 2016


Jason and I went to Virginia Tech our freshman year of college and both ended up transferring home our sophomore year.  Even though we didn't graduate from Tech, I feel like we can say, "once a hokie, always a hokie".  So needless to say, we're big fans, and so is Bryce.  This year their bowl game was in Charlotte and we already had plans to be in Raleigh the day of the game, so we drove down to see it!

We left bright and early Thursday morning. 

Bryce's (and Emmy's) first Tech game, and a bowl game at that.

Jason did a good job with our seats!

The state of Virginia



We didn't really need binoculars, but they were still fun to have!

The first half of the game was awful (we were down 24 to 0)!!  Emmy asked for a bucket of popcorn at half time so I figured that would be good entertainment for the second half of the game.

Little did we know they would turn things around and actually play some football.

If you didn't hear, we won 35-24!!  Greatest comeback in school history!

This guy (Sam Rogers) is from our town and has a great back story!  We had a little connection to his family so we were able to arrange a meet and greet after the game and Bryce got him to autograph his hat!  This was his last game as he's a senior this year and was getting ready to sign with his agent when he finished with Bryce so this was quite an honor and a pretty great memory for Bryce's first Tech game!  

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

christmas day

Christmas morning brought many smiles!

Bryce wanted a telescope and Santa wasn't messing around when he fulfilled that wish.  The boys are hoping to see the rings of Saturn with this thing.

Emmy was super excited about her hot wheels ultimate garage and baby doll camping set.

Tons and tons of football stickers!

Two happy kiddos.

After presents at home, we head to Jason's parent's house for breakfast and gifts with his family.

The Whitlock crew.

Next we headed to church and then my mom's for stockings, before heading to Jason's grandmama's house for Christmas with his mom's family.  

It was a full day of fun and food with family!  Our hearts are full!  We hope your family had a blessed holiday!  

christmas eve

We started Christmas Eve with a trip to Krispy Kreme for donuts!  We ran a few errands then came home and prepped some food before heading to Nana's to finish cooking dinner. 

Ready to eat!

Christmas Eve

Four generations of girls!

Candle light Christmas Eve service.

We had a full day of fun and the kids were excited for more.