Saturday, February 17, 2018

celebrating 9 with friends

Bryce's birthday isn't until next Sunday but we already have a busy weekend planned so we decided to do his friend party this weekend!  Four of his friends came home with him after school and Kelly dropped Chase off and we were on our way to have some fun!  This many kids in a car and house for that matter are VERY loud!

We had his party at a new indoor trampoline place.  He went back in November for a birthday and loved it.  The Ninja Warrior course was his favorite.  

He loves a challenge.

Here he is on the warped wall.  He made it over the top and slid down the pole but I stopped videoing too early. 


A friendly game of dodge ball.  

Bryce has been friends with Thomas (on the left) since preschool and Patrick next to him and Gracie (wearing pants) since kindergarten.  Peyton in red is Patrick's twin sister and in Bryce's class this year and they have become fast friends.  And obviously Chase, his first and forever friend!

I thought this would be a fun video!

It WAS fun until Bryce came down on someone's knee and busted his lip!  At least it was right as we were leaving and he handled it like a champ!  He's fine today!

Emmy and Taylor opted for pedicures during the party.

They joined us for pizza, cake and presents!

I had a cookie cake for my birthday last year so that's what Bryce requested.  It was SO good!

9 is kind of hard to swallow!  At least I have another week for it to sink in.

Super excited about a new basketball from Chase!

I was too busy running around with food and drinks to eat so I waited until everyone left and enjoyed a quiet meal by myself.  Happy Birthday to me!

Friday, February 9, 2018

21 years

February 3rd marked 21 years since Jason and I started dating.  We were busy celebrating Emmy's birthday that day, but decided to have a little date day the day after to celebrate us!

I think this picture was taken our sophomore year of high school.

We headed up to Wintergreen on Sunday after church to Bold Rock to try their new rose cider release.  It was a rainy icy day so it kept the crowds to a minimum.  

We even got to enjoy a seat by the fire!

We had lunch and dessert and it was so good!

I honestly can't even comprehend 21 years.  It seems like so long, but it has also gone so fast.  We've been lucky enough to grow up together and I honestly can't remember life before "us".

Here's to 21 more (and hopefully at least another 21 more)!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

happy birthday emmy

We started the birthday prep for Emmy's week of fun last Friday!  I made cupcakes for Emmy's party while she was at school and when she got home we made icing and decorated them.

We went out to breakfast on Saturday morning and then did a little shopping to pass the time before her party.

Soft pretzel for lunch for the win!

Emmy chose to have a pottery painting party this year.

She decided weeks ago that she'd like to paint a plate.

Bryce painted a plate with a donut.

Emmy had said she was going to make a birthday plate with sprinkles and then decided she wanted a plate with Bentley on it.  Jason did a great job drawing and she did really well staying in the lines. 

Last year the number of party guests got out of control so we reeled it in a little bit and she just invited a few friends from school, her cousins, and a friend from church who's birthday is close to hers. 

She has been wanting high heels for quite some time and MeMa came through for the win.  Dressed and ready for church!

Here she in on Monday night saying goodbye to 5!

Hello 6!

Jason was the watch dog for the day for her birthday so we all got to ride to school together.  

Jason was able to eat lunch with Emmy and Bryce as well as help in both of their classrooms.  

Watch Dog picture.

We donated money to the library at the beginning of the year so the kids could pick a new book on their birthday to dedicate with their name.

She was excited to see a balloon flying from the mailbox when we got home from school.  Thanks Kelly!

She was excited to get a balance beam for her birthday.

She wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, but that seemed boring so I added sprinkles to make it more fun!


A look back!

Weight: 37 pounds (5th percentile)
Height: 42 1/8 inches (5th percentile)
Vision: 20/20
Blood Pressure: 90/54

Sunday, January 21, 2018

busy saturday

We started our day with breakfast out with the family and then visited a dear friend who just had surgery.  After that, Jason and Bryce went to baseball practice and Emmy and I had a pedicure date.

After pedicures we headed to Target for a cake pop and to get a birthday gift for a party later in the day. 

When we got home, I took Bryce to a party for one of his classmates.  He was excited that his best bud who is in a different class had been invited!

While I was gone, Emmy got picked up to celebrate her friend Norah's birthday

The girls went to see Paddington 2.

The mom said it was so cute listening to the girls talk and giggle!

After the movie they got to go out for frozen yogurt!  My kind of party!!  I'm so glad our kids have such great friends.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

more snow

I felt like a stay at home mom again last week and it was glorious!  The kids were out of school for the holiday on Monday and then we went to school Tuesday.  There was snow in the forecast for Wednesday and even though they didn't close school the night before, Jason was positive they would, so MeMa suggested a sleepover.  We took the kids to MeMa and PaPa's to meet up with Chase and Taylor who had been out of town for the long weekend.  

The kids had tons of fun at the sleepover and never made it out to play in the snow on Wednesday.  Since school was closed again on Thursday, I told the kids we could play in the snow before it melted.  

There wasn't much snow, but we found a good hill and had some fun.

We found some untouched snow for snow angels.  



Emmy got to have a play date at a friend's house after we went sledding so Bryce and I made a Target run and he bought this Rube Goldberg kit that kept him busy for the afternoon.  

Friday it was back to school but with a 2 hour delay.  Jason was off so we hit Chick Fil A for breakfast before sending them off!  This past week has made me long for summer vacation and having more stress free time at home with the kids!