Sunday, June 24, 2018

jason's birthday

We got home from our trip on Jason's birthday.  He was greeted with balloons on the mailbox and cards on the garage!

The kids had VBS that evening so we waited until Saturday to celebrate and spend some much needed family time together.  We had free tickets to Busch Gardens that were expiring soon so we loaded up and drove to Williamsburg on Saturday. 

The log flume is one of our family favorites.  

The boys go their own way so they can ride roller coasters.  

Emmy and I go our own way for rides she likes and snacks!

Then we end up back together for a few more family rides.

Jason's favorite BBQ restaurant is a must when we are in that area.  Perfect for a birthday dinner!

Our families came over after church and lunch today for birthday cake and presents!  I think Jason enjoyed a three day birthday celebration!

Friday, June 22, 2018

baseball stud

While Jason and I were headed out on our trip, we were sad to be missing Bryce's baseball team play in the 9U state championship game.  Bryce's team is a new group of boys who have never played together and they have had an up and down season.  We've seen lots of improvement but nothing could have prepared us for their big win on Sunday!

I'm a bit biased because he's mine, but I think he's the most improved on the team.  He played mostly outfield and then had to fill in at second base and he really proved himself and earned a pretty regular spot at second.  He started at the bottom of the line up and on tournament day he batted lead off!!  His team won the first game, the second game and then the third game, giving them the state title!

The boys got rings for this tournament.  

Big thanks to PaPa for spending his Father's Day at baseball with Bryce.  It was a super hot day, but he was a trooper.  I think the team's performance made it all worth it!

Congratulations on a great season Bryceman!

work trip to the PNW

Jason had a work trip in Washington so I got to tag along.  We headed out early Sunday (Father's Day).

We landed in Portland around lunchtime and explored the city a little and then we had dinner reservations at Portland City Grill.  It's located on the 30th floor of the "Pink Building".  We enjoyed the view!

On Monday we headed out to the coast and went to Canon Beach and saw Haystack Rock.  It was SO cold (the air and the water).

Pretty starfish.

The PNW is so pretty!

We had lunch and then left the coast and headed east and drove to Timberline Lodge and saw Mt. Hood.  

Standing on snow in June!

That evening we headed into Washington to Skamania Lodge where we would spend the next few days.  While Jason was working I laid by the pool, got a massage and enjoyed lots of relaxation.  They had a team building activity the first night and we had a Chopped cook off event.  It was a lot of fun and ours turned out pretty well.

We enjoyed dinner outside and had s'mores (with a view) for dessert.

I spent some of my free time with the wife of one of Jason's coworkers who came too.  We rode bikes one day and enjoyed the cooler weather and beautiful views.

It was a very relaxing trip!

We had a red eye flight home so we made a few stops on the way to the airport.   

I love traveling with this guy.

We had a fun trip and always enjoy an opportunity to see new parts of the country.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

i love summer life

The last two days of school are always early release days which allows for more after school fun.  Kelly took the kids to the pool on the second to last day of school.

We went to Nana's pool on our first official day of summer break.

A friend from church was singing at a local tavern so our Sunday school class went out to support him on Friday night!

Jason and I are headed out of town tomorrow so we celebrated Father's Day today.  We went to a new waffle shop downtown and it was yummy!

These four girls formed the cutest friendship this year.  I hope they get to stay together throughout elementary school.  All smiles on the last day of school. 

The little girl on the right had her birthday party tonight and the girls were so excited to be united already!

I'm hoping for lots of play dates this summer!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

last day of school tradition

Since Bryce was in kindergarten we have gone to the Flying Squirrels game and watched fireworks on the last day of school.  It just so happened that Bryce's teacher was in a company box right behind our seats.  We were nice enough not to ask her for a picture! 

The catcher threw Bryce a ball after an inning and he caught it!

Nutzy came by so Bryce got him to sign his ball.

This is as close as Emmy likes to get to the mascots!

We had a fun nigh kicking off summer!

that's a wrap for kindergarten and third grade

Yay for the last day of school!

First and last day.

This guy had an amazing third grade year.  He had an awesome teacher and he learned so much.  He is such a well rounded kiddo!  He was most excited when he saw that he got a perfect score on his state math standardized test!

How is she already done with kindergarten?

First and last day.  Where did my baby go?  And look how dark her hair got!

Emmy had a great year and is coming along as a great reader.  She had a great teacher, learned a lot and best of all, made some really sweet friends. 

They grow up SO fast! 

Bring on summer!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

emmy's baseball season

Emmy finished up her baseball season this week.  She had a lot of fun and enjoyed Jason being her coach.  We're hoping there will be enough girls for a softball team next season.  

One of Emmy's preschool friends was on her team so that was a lot of fun!

We thought the night we did trophies was going to be our last night, but then we had to make up a game that was rained out so I got one more picture of our cutie.  

We bought snow cones for the team for snack to celebrate the end of the season!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

daves 40th birthday

Happy 40th Birthday Dave!

Kelly planned a surprise party at a local restaurant for Dave's 40th birthday.  The cat got out of the bag before the party, but he still acted surprised!  Jason of course wore a new suit for the occasion.

The party started outside and then it started storming and raining and Emmy was the first one inside!

The Whitlock/Caddell clan

One of Dave's friends has a Tesla and Jason just HAD to drive it!