Tuesday, February 7, 2017

camera phone

I'm not usually one to run out and get the newest phone on the market, but I REALLY wanted the iphone 7 plus.  I had gotten the 6 over the summer because I had been having some trouble with my old phone, but after I started seeing the picture quality of the 7 plus, I had to have it!

I'm not good about using my SLR and I when I do, let's be honest, I have no idea how to use it.  I will say I did pretty good with the 55mm lens for our Christmas card, but that was literally the first time I've picked up that camera in months.  I was so excited to find out the 7 plus could do the same thing for me!

I just love how you can blur out the background so easily!

This is one of my favorites!

She looks good with any camera!

I highly recommend the 7 plus if you need/want a new phone and good camera!

Emmy is 5

Emmy started her birthday celebrations on Saturday with a shopping trip and lunch at Noodles with MeMa and PaPa.  She made a shopping list of what she wanted and came back with all of her items (birthday shirt, belt and slippers)!

The kids had a sleepover at MeMa and PaPa's on Saturday night and Emmy showed up at church on Sunday morning with a fancy birthday crown since it was her party day!

Emmy chose to have her party at Pump It Up this year!

She had tons of friends come out and celebrate with her! 

The boys stuck together!

Jason was the biggest kid out there.  He had a fun time bouncing and knocking the kids around the inflatables.  


I don't even know how we got to 5 so quickly.  Slow down time!

This birthday princess had a great party!

Opening presents at the party is too stressful for me so we wheeled all the presents out to open at home.  Emmy was not going to let them out of her sight!

Monday was her actual birthday!

5 year old stats

weight: 34lbs
height: 40 3/8in
vision: left eye-20/32, right eye-20/25
blood pressure: 86/48

We had a girls day planned with Nanny and Nana.

Emmy got her own chair since it was her birthday!  She usually sits with me and just gets her toes painted, but she got the full spa experience this time! 

Her lunch request was a soft pretzel from Target!

We had family over last night to wrap up the birthday celebrations.  

This sweet girl has blessed our lives more than we could have imagined.  She has a smile that lights up the world and she has the sweetest heart.  We're so proud to be her parents and are excited to see what great things God has in store for her.  

Happy 5th birthday to our sweet precious Emmy girl!

Friday, January 27, 2017

because he's so cute

It's no surprise that the last 15 or so pictures on my phone are of this cute puppy dog of ours.  No one can get enough of him! 

Bryce wanted to take a selfie with Bentley.

"Mama take my picture while Bentley is in my shirt."

We've taken him on a few car rides.  Sometimes he likes it, sometimes he doesn't.  He'll get used to it!

This sweet girl can't get enough of Bentley either.  I love listening to her talk to him.  It goes like this....Hi, sweet boy!  I love you! Yes I do. Yes I do."  It.is.hilarious.  Especially with the tone of voice she uses.  

He makes one good napping buddy.

She's napped more in the last week than she has in the past 6 months.  

When the puppy won't come out, you join him!

I couldn't resist a selfie with him either.  I was trying to keep him warm in my jacket one day in the preschool pick up line.

Potty training is a slow process.  Here he is hiding one morning after I got upset with him for going in the house.  So pitiful.  He usually crawls into Bryce's lap when he gets in trouble, but he had already left for the day!

I think he is starting to learn to go to the back door to go outside.  But this picture here was when he was begging to go back out and play because it was 70 degrees!  He's a cute little thing and very sweet.  It has been quite an adjustment for me, but we're falling into a better pattern and routine!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

mommy and me

There was a Mommy and Me class at the barre studio today and Taylor had asked if Emmy and I wanted to go.  Emmy was super excited for the invitation so I got us all signed up.  Taylor gave Emmy a shirt for the special occasion!

I was a little nervous how Emmy would do since the class is geared for 5-12 year olds.  We snuck in under the radar with her birthday only being a few weeks away!

This was our "silly" picture.  So maybe it's not so silly, but we tried!

I was only able to snap this one picture during the class, but how cute was Emmy in her plank?!

I've really enjoyed attending barre classes and was in a good routine before the holidays.  I hope now that the snow is gone and we'll be back to a pretty regular schedule this week that I'll be able to get back to it two times a week!

puppy love

The kids have been asking relentlessly when we'd get another dog.  I personally was not ready and was on the fence about ever getting another dog, but Jason and the kids wore me down.  We surprised the kids with this little guy on Monday night!

To say they were excited, is an understatement!

Two happy kiddos!

Love at first sight!

By Tuesday morning, we finally had a name to share!

A boy and his dog!

She told her daddy she wanted a black dog with a white nose.  So nice of him to deliver!

At 8 weeks, he's just shy of 3 pounds!

I've been enjoying a few puppy snuggles in between cleaning up messes!  He's actually doing pretty well, but it sure is an adjustment getting used to having a puppy again!

We're getting pretty close in our time together.  He wants to be on me wherever I am!

Jason has been enjoying the extra naps with him too, but I just have the pics from my phone with me. 


We had our first snow of the year last weekend and the kids were stoked.  After the first mention of snow the week before, MeMa made plans for a snow sleepover with the grand kids.  She came and got them Friday night and here they are Saturday morning, excited to see that it had in fact snowed over night. They pulled out all the snow tricks with inside out and backward pajamas and all those other silly rituals!

This was the quiet, calm view from our house!

This was the view at MeMa and PaPa's house.

Jason and I had a real adult snow day!  It was nice not having do to sledding duty the first day, but we did suit up and take a walk around the neighborhood.  

The kids got another sleepover at MeMa's since they were snowed in.  They enjoyed a little snow cream dessert. 

Everyone came back to our house after church on Sunday and did some sledding.  

Always ready for an adventure!

This one never wants to be left out!

Sledding is always more fun with daddy!

There they go!

A few snow angels before coming in for the day!

The rest of the days the snow was on the ground the temperature was about 2 degrees so we did't go back out and play in it.  And of course, they're already ready for the next snow!