Friday, October 20, 2017

a little of this and a little of that

Emmy and I have found a new pedicure place with kid chairs!  She gets a Pepsi and I get Prosecco.  

Win Win!

I love decorating for fall.

My biggest helper!

Emmy wanted to be a donut for Halloween.  Coincidentally, they had one for Bentley too.

We lucked out with this costume.  We were prepared to pay a fortune for it online and just happened to stumble on it at Marshall's for cheap.

We got dressed up and went out to dinner last week!

Jason thought this suit was fitting for receiving an engineering award.

She's so fun to dress for fall.

We went and picked apples last Friday after school.

They love this yearly tradition.

My pretty girl.

My little monkey.

The best apples are at the top.

The apples of our eye!

Say "apple".

It actually felt like fall the day we went.

Donuts, apples and cider, oh my!

Bryce had an optional experiment to do for homework the other night.  He loved it! 

Bryce's class got to have crazy hair day this week.

The only day a year I'll let him have a mohawk.

Such a cozy view!

The fringe boots and vest are a big hit at school.

I'll try not to let so much time pass between my next post!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

state fair

We went to the state fair on Monday night.  I never really liked the fair until we had kids, but now I tolerate it a little better.  I'm pretty sure if you look back through all of my fair posts, the pictures will all look pretty similar.  We pretty much hit all of the same attractions each year. 

The cowboy hats we got in Wyoming came back out for this event.  The kids weren't able to ride a horse on vacation this summer, so they've been looking forward to these pony rides for a while.

These ducks are my favorite.  They congregate at the top of the slide and eat and push each other off and they are so cute sliding down.

The kids always want to play the games.  I told them they could bring their own money for games and they each played this $5 game and won a prize.  They were stoked!

They both got to milk a cow!

Emmy wanted to try out the slide.  Her mat didn't let her go as fast as she was hoping.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

the rest of september

We went to our local produce stand one day after school and picked up a few things to spruce up our porch of fall.  

The kids always have so much fun here when they set up for fall.

Jason's company had a team compete in the Richmond corporate games so we went out and watched him one Saturday morning.  

They won!

I started a new chapter last week!  I am officially a working mom again.  I was offered a job over the summer to do small group tutoring at the school where the kids go.  I think it's going to be a great fit!  It has been quite an adjustment trying to balance laundry, groceries, after school activities and the biggest time sucker, PTA President, but I'm making it through.

My Nanny turned 93 last Friday.  We had lots of family in town to celebrate with her!

We celebrated again at the lake on Saturday!

And now it's October!  How did that happen?!?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

where does the time go

With both kids in school, I have fewer opportunities to take pictures and get blog material!  Emmy had a project to make a doll that looked like her.  She was so proud of it!

Bryce did the same project when he was in kindergarten!

The kids got their flu shots last Friday after school so I treated them to slurpees for being so brave.

My friend Kathryn celebrated her birthday this week and she got a group of girls together to do a barre class to celebrate.  We all went out to brunch afterwards.  It was a fun time!

As tiring as kindergarten is, I'm surprised this is the only "where Emmy sleeps" picture I had after almost three weeks of school.  Guess my girl is growing up!

The kids go to a Bible Study after school on Mondays and this was Bryce and Thomas this past week.

I head back to work next week so I fear that the blog posts may even fewer and far between!