Thursday, September 21, 2017

where does the time go

With both kids in school, I have fewer opportunities to take pictures and get blog material!  Emmy had a project to make a doll that looked like her.  She was so proud of it!

Bryce did the same project when he was in kindergarten!

The kids got their flu shots last Friday after school so I treated them to slurpees for being so brave.

My friend Kathryn celebrated her birthday this week and she got a group of girls together to do a barre class to celebrate.  We all went out to brunch afterwards.  It was a fun time!

As tiring as kindergarten is, I'm surprised this is the only "where Emmy sleeps" picture I had after almost three weeks of school.  Guess my girl is growing up!

The kids go to a Bible Study after school on Mondays and this was Bryce and Thomas this past week.

I head back to work next week so I fear that the blog posts may even fewer and far between!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

fall decor

We've been having unseasonably cool weather so I in full on fall mode!  I usually don't decorate for fall until October, but I had to get started early this year!  

A Hobby Lobby just opened near us and I couldn't resist this fun light up pumpkin.  Guess it would have helped to turn it on for the picture!

This one is my favorite.

I'm so excited about this old school felt boar I bought for first day of school pictures.  I went to store it away for the last day of school and thought better of it.  How fun is this?!?

Fall is just so fun!

fall baseball

This stud is loving fall baseball!  He's playing with a travel ball team this fall because it was a good opportunity for him to get lots of practice and training that little league just can't provide.  He's got a new and young team and they are learning to play together, but it's been so fun to watch.  He played center field in his first two games and made some great plays!

When he plays little league he is usually number 1 or 2 because they number the shirts in order from smallest to largest and since he's typically the smallest, the number is chosen for him. He was stoked to get to pick his own number this go around and of course he chose 34 for Bryce Harper!!

Go get 'em Bryceman!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

first day of kindergarten and third grade

Everyone was all smiles for the first day of school!  

I told Bryce this may be his best first day outfit to date!

I can't believe we have two kids in school!

Emmy agreed to wear her pretty shoes for the pictures.  Notice her shoe change later!

I went old school with a felt board this year instead of the chalkboard!

I lucked out that this year's tennis shoes just happened to match her first day outfit.  She insisted she had to wear tennis shoes for recess.

Jason went in to work a little late so he could join in on the fun!

I took them to school so I could walk them both to class (just this once).  I'll be working at their school starting at the end of the month/October and we'll all go in together so we just started the routine on the first day.  

Emmy took off down the hall ahead of me and didn't look back.  But I had to follow her in for a picture!

Luckily, Bryce's kindergarten teacher still works at the school and is in a position where she travels around the school a bit so she sent me this picture of Emmy when she stopped by her room!

A great first day of school called for ice cream with LOTS of extra toppings!!

the night before

After a fun filled girls day at the pool with Nana and a labor day dinner with Jason's family, we jumped right into our school time routine and went to bed EARLY!

Each student received this book at Cardinal Camp and we made sure to read it before going to bed! 

We did the same thing with Bryce so I thought a comparison picture was in order!

cardinal camp and open house

In our county, the kids get to meet their teachers the Thursday before school starts.  At our school, rising kindergarteners get to go to Cardinal Camp in the morning to have a mini practice school day! 

Emmy couldn't wait to go!  We were sad that Bryce's kindergarten teacher wasn't teaching anymore, but we're pleased with her teacher and she's in the same room Bryce was for kindergarten.

These two girls were in Emmy's preschool class last year and they are in her kindergarten class.  It makes be so happy to know she has a few familiar faces in her class! 

Bryce had his open house that afternoon and got to meet his teacher.  He got a great teacher, but unfortunately none of his best buddies are in his class.  

They are both excited for a great year.  

girls night

Emmy went to meet her teacher last Thursday morning so I planned a Mommy and Me night to pamper and spoil her before the big day!

Our first stop was for pedicures.  I have been going to a new nail place and I thought it was so cute that they had little kids chairs and Emmy couldn't wait to go when she heard that.  They were offered Pepsi, but I think they were too shy at first to accept.  Emmy is ready to go back for another pedicure and a Pepsi this time!

Our next stop was Starbucks for cake pops! Yum!

We ended the night shopping at Old Navy for some back to school clothes!

lewis ginter

We made the best of our last week of summer last week.  We went to the local botanical gardens on a cooler summer day and it was fabulous!

My little monkey!

Sweet girl!

I love these two!

We enjoyed a nice walk, playing in the kids area, lunch and then a walk through the butterfly exhibit. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

bad blogger

I have fallen off the blogging wagon.  It's so much easier to share pictures with people through Instagram and Facebook that I find myself neglecting the blog.  But in the end, even if people aren't reading blogs anymore, it's a great place for me to detail our family happenings and I always turn the blog into a book at the end of the year!

We went to Kings Dominion a couple of weeks ago!

The kids love when Nana joins us because it makes it easier for both kids to ride the rides they want.  

The kids went to a baseball game with Jason's parents one night.

Emmy is still terrified of mascots.  

We went to Barnes and Noble one day because Bryce earned a free book!  I let Emmy choose a book too since she's worked so hard learning to read with me this summer!

Emmy moved up to a pre-team gymnastics class this summer and her team leo came in yesterday.  She was excited to finally get it! 

We're down to about a week and a half before school starts.  We've trying to enjoy the last little bit of summer!