Sunday, May 13, 2018

mothers day

Our attempt at a Mother's Day photo didn't go so well, but here we are, faces askew and eyes closed!  

I always love these cards that come from school.  

I love that I'm the best at being organized.  Yaaass!!

After getting the spring festival behind me, I needed a day to recuperate.  I came down with a cold after being so busy and stressed that I decided to take a "sick" day to recharge.  I celebrated me with an early Mother's Day outing on Wednesday.     

First stop was getting all of my spring flowers.

Second stop was getting a much needed pedicure.

My next stop was a little shopping!

I met Jason for lunch to round out the day!  

just some things

Bryce had two of his school projects in the Arts and Sciences Festival back in April.  

Two of our neighbors are pregnant so we've had fun showering them!

The PTA put on a Spring Festival at our school last weekend.  I was so busy I had very few picture to show for it.  

Emmy and her sand art.

Bryce won a cake in the cake walk.

After a full day of spring festival, Emmy's gymnastics meet and two baseball games for Bryce, Jason surprised me with some champagne to celebrate the success of the spring festival we worked on for so long.

Emmy's class started an ABC countdown to the end of kindergarten last week.  Monday was stuffed "A"nimal day!

It was hot here this weekend so we kicked off summer temperatures with the water slide!

field day 2018

The kids had field day on Friday.  Jason and I were both off so we got to enjoy the day with the kids!

Emmy has made the sweetest friends this year.  I didn't notice all the girls were holding hands until I was looking at the picture later in the day.  So cute!


Kona Ice to cool off!

Love this girl of mine!

Emmy had her portion in the morning and Bryce's was in the afternoon.  

There are only 6 boys in Bryce's class!  Gotta stick together!

Bryce ran the anchor in the relay for his class.  They smoked the other classes!

Kona Ice for the win!

It was a fun day!


When we're not on the baseball field, we're at the gym!  Emmy has been on a pre-team gymnastics group this year and she practice two days a week from 3:15-4:30.  She has grown so much and loves it.  Last weekend we got to watch her perform in her year end show (mini meet).

Here is her floor routine!  There was a lot going on in the gym so it was hard to video it, but you can see it pretty well!

Here is her bar routine!  Again, may be hard to see with people jumping around in between!

All the girls got a medal!

So proud of this girl.

She'll be moving up to level 1 this summer and I can't wait so see what she accomplishes next!


We've been busy with baseball.  Emmy had her opening day back on April 21st and she's had two games a week since!

There are four girls on her team because there weren't enough girls in her age group to play softball this year.  Jason agreed to coach her team with the other girls who were willing to play baseball. 

She loves it and does pretty well.

Baseball ready!

Bryce plays about every other weekend with 1-2 practices a week mixed in.  

Kona Ice is an added bonus in between games!

It's a baseball world and we're just living in it! 

Thursday, April 19, 2018


The boys both had games at Mechanicsville Little League this weekend so they were able to watch each other's games and even spend a little time together. 

Go #34!

Emmy and Taylor enjoyed some girl time during the game!

weekend getaway

We enjoyed a fun little weekend getaway last weekend!  We took the kids out of school early on Friday and headed to Natural Bridge to visit their drive thru safari.

Bryce was a bit braver than Emmy when it came to feeding the animals, but they both enjoyed it.  Emmy was a bit terrified because we'd be looking out one side window at an animal then we'd turn around and get greeted by something else!    

The animals were friendly and very hungry.  They know how to get their food and they weren't messing around.

Well, hello there!

She did better feeding them out of her hand than the bucket.

You can see how successful Jason was with feeding them out of the bucket.  This isn't their first rodeo.

They literally took their picture in about 10 of these different photo op spots.

Bryce the bird whisperer.  Notice Emmy in the background.  She was trying to recover from a bird landing on her head!

This one is my favorite.

That little baby lemur was the cutest thing I've ever seen.  

After the Safari, we head to Blacksburg for the weekend.  

We got up early Saturday morning and headed to the cascades to hike.

It was a chilly start to the day, but it warmed up nicely.  

The path to the top of the falls had been washed out, but we were able to make up and get a good picture.  

Strong girl!

Jason tried his hand at fly fishing and caught something pretty quickly!

We headed back to town after the hike and had lunch and then stocked up on new Hokie attire for me, Jason and Emmy.  Next up we walked some more and showed the kids around campus.  

The main attraction for the weekend was the spring game.  Emmy was worn out from a morning of walking so she took a nap during the game.  

The Hokies biggest fan!

We had just enough time after the game to grab some yummy donuts!

It was a fun weekend visiting somewhere we hadn't been in over 15 years!