Tuesday, April 1, 2014

april fool's

No foolin' here, just some shots from our day!
The kids went to play with Thomas and Ms. Barbara this morning while I went to bible study.  With this many Little People, how could they not have fun?!?

Sweet little Mama.
***Updated since original post***
I think the boys enjoyed their time together!

Emmy is so good at entertaining herself.  I'm sure Mr. Barbara was doing a lot of entertaining too!

It's been so nice to finally get outside this week!

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Our church's men's softball season kicked off tonight.  Lots of kiddos came out to watch their daddies play. 

This little guy hung out with me most of the night since his mama couldn't be there.
I always love a good look back to a year ago.  Look how these two have changed since last April 1.

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Shipley Mommy said...

What a fun and warm day! So glad the weather didn't play a cruel joke! Thanks for sharing your cuties with me today (I have tons more pictures, I promise to send at some point this week :)