Monday, April 21, 2014

we finally had baseball again

Tonight was Bryce's first baseball game in quite some time.  He played on opening day two weeks ago and then his second game was rained out.  Last week was spring break so there weren't any games.  Had it not been spring break, he would of had three more games last week. 
Bryce played right field the first inning, short stop the second inning, and first base the last inning.  He had a near death collision at short stop when he and the base runner collided while he was trying to get the ball, but things improved later when he made an out at first base!

I'm the team mom so I stay in the dugout during the game.  And even though Emmy had more than enough people there to entertain her, she still wanted to be with me. 

She finally found her way into the dugout with me!

Thanks for the pictures, Rosabeth!

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