Tuesday, November 1, 2016

field trip

Bryce's class just started learning about the Powhatan Indians.  They went on a field trip yesterday to Henricus park where they recreate the life of the Indians for the kids to see.  

Here they were pretending to make fire and then scraping out the tree with shells to mimic the way Indians made their canoes.

It was quite fitting that Bryce was chosen to demonstrate how the Indians hunted.  

The bow and arrow was one way of hunting but they also use the tomahawk.  

You have to be the deer to get the deer!

Where's Bryce?

Later they used shells to remove the fur from the deer skin.

After the guided tour, we were able to explore around the James River.  This view with the Varina-Enon bridge in the background was pretty!

I enjoyed tagging along with Bryce for his fun day!

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