Tuesday, November 1, 2016


We waited until the last minute, but we finally got our pumpkin carved on Sunday morning before church.  Bryce said he wanted to go old school for the pumpkin this year.  I had to ask what he meant by that.  He said he wanted to design his own face instead of an elaborate design they usually go with.

This made for a quicker carving time and it turned out great!  Bryce did the eyes and nose and Emmy and Jason did the mouth.

We had our annual Trunk-or-Treat event at church last night.

Kelly made a fun photo booth for pictures.

We have done elaborate themes in the past, but because Emmy has a peanut allergy, I've decided to use the Teal Pumpkin Project theme each year.  We handed out prizes for the kids instead of candy!

Our new associate minister went all out for his debut at Trunk-or-Treat.  The kids were a big fan of his pirate ship!

This event is always a fun time for the kiddos!  

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