Monday, June 22, 2015

weekend getaway

We had an out of town wedding to attend this weekend so we made a fun little getaway out of it!  We dropped the kids off with my parents late Saturday morning and then went out for an early lunch before heading out of town.  We decided to stop at a winery on our way up to Maryland.  Jason isn't much of a wine drinker, but when you have an intriguing flavor like "Hot Jazz" (jalapeno wine), you get him hook line and sinker! The scenery was just beautiful and it was amazing the "real" conversations we had since the kids weren't with us!
The wedding was for a family friend.  The bride is from Maryland so they chose a location midway between the two hometowns.  The reception was at a beautiful location on the bay.

The Whitlock/Caddell clan

We didn't manage to get a picture with the groom, but his brother was available for a photo-op.  This is our friend Grayson who was in a horrific accident last summer and by the Grace of God, he is here to tell his story!

We slept in on Sunday morning (glorious sleep we don't get at home), got breakfast and then headed home.  It was so nice to get away and be husband and wife and not mom and dad.  Trust me, we love the roles of mom and dad, but it's so important to still date each other! And we were excited to get back to the kids since they had Father's Day presents waiting for Jason!

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