Friday, June 12, 2015

celebrating summer

We decided to go to a Squirrels game last night to celebrate the start of summer!  We have an intern at our church this summer so we had him over for dinner and brought him along with us!
The kids get so excited over ice cream in a helmet!

Nutzy made his way up to us and plopped right down beside Bryce.  He did great.  Emmy on the other hand ran the other way and climbed into Jason's arms!

The last time we went to a game, they were scheduled to have fireworks, but the game went into too many innings and the game didn't end until midnight.  The city ordinance doesn't allow fireworks after midnight so it was a bust!  We decided to give it one more try last night and the game actually ended around 9:15!  It was a great fireworks show and the kids loved it!

Welcome, sweet summertime!

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