Tuesday, July 21, 2015

peach pickin'

Courtney and I took the kids on a little field trip to Carter Mountain to pick peaches yesterday!
It was a super hot day, but it was 10 degrees cooler at the top of the mountain and there was plenty of shade from the peach trees.

Don't mind the tattoos.  The kids have gone crazy with them lately! 

There were plenty of peaches at picking level for both of the kids.

Mama, Emmy and the monkey in the back!

I like the peaches, but I go on these trips for the photo opportunities!

They taste so good!

They gotta work for their keep!

Courtney and I enjoyed a peach slushie after the hike!

My sweet girl.

Courtney and I enjoyed ourselves a little too much in the gift shop.  We're thinking about having our own paint night to recreate these fun signs. 

These wine koozies may have made their way into our bag of peaches!  No better way to end a fun day!

We've made so many great summer memories so far!  We've got tons more in store!

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