Monday, July 13, 2015

orioles game

We went to Baltimore yesterday and took the kids to their first Orioles game.
Jason has always been an Orioles fan and he passed on the love to Bryce.  Jason even made sure Bryce's baseball team was the Orioles this past spring. 

We had all the hats and Jason's shirt (not the Hawaiian one), but the kids and I needed some spirit wear so we hit up Target last week!

I snapped this picture of the kids when we first got there and put it on instagram with the hashtag #birdland and it eventually showed up on the big screen behind them before the game was over!  Bryce saw it and was super excited!

Such a fun memory for the kiddos!

Emmy eventually took her afternoon nap in Jason's lap!

Very intent on watching the game!

Ice cream in the helmet is the best part!

Emmy opted for dippin' dots instead.

High fivin' after Adam Jones' second home run!

His first home run landed in the section next to us!

Our littlest O's fan!

It was a warm day, but not too hot.  The game was surprisingly short which was the perfect length for the kiddos.  We got Orioles Hawaiian shirts as a giveaway and we sat with our neighbors at the game.  It was a super fun day! 

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