Monday, May 15, 2017

emmy's preschool field trip

Emmy's class had their spring field trip to the botanical gardens last week.  I dropped her off at school and she rode the bus and I met her there.  The bus ride is just as fun for her as the field trip!

We had a fun time exploring the gardens and learning about butterflies!

Emmy has made the sweetest friends this year at school.  I'm sad she won't go to elementary school with either of these girls, but hopefully their friendships will last!  There are actually five other kids from her class going to her school though!

Emmy had a class full of girls this year (10 girls and 2 boys).  Most of them were able to make it to the field trip!

These allium flowers were my absolute favorite.  They're actually related to the onion family!  I'm going to need some in my yard next spring! 

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