Monday, May 29, 2017

Emmy's preschool graduation

Last week was a big week around here as Emmy graduated from preschool.

We had an ice cream party on Wednesday to celebrate summer birthdays!  Emmy's has already passed, but it was fun to celebrate!

The teachers gave each student a fun bucket of goodies for an end of year gift.

There were tons of goodies and the favorite was a photo album with pictures of Emmy and her friends.  Bryce still has his from when he went to preschool there!

She looked so grown up on her last day.

Look how tall she's gotten. 
We went to her graduation on Thursday night.  This display was set up as everyone walked in. 

Her picture cracks me up!

They had a fun photo booth set up so we could get pictures of our graduates in their cap and gowns!


I love the silhouettes.  We still have Bryce's!

We got to the ceremony pretty early so we could get good seats so we had lots of photo opportunities. 

We love Ms. Tammy.  She was Bryce's teacher for both of his years of preschool.  We will miss her so much.

Emmy made the sweetest friends this year at school.  

The kids sang some songs and then left and got dressed in their caps and gowns.  This one is my favorite!

The processional.

She's officially a preschool graduate!

We're so proud of our girl.  Kindergarten, here she comes!

Nana and Nanny came to cheer her on.

MeMa and PaPa were there too!

We went back to school on Friday for a magic show and family picnic.  Emmy and her friend Lily coordinated outfits for fun!

The girls along with another friend gave Ms. Tammy and Ms. Brittany a fun "summer bucket list" gift before we said our goodbyes!

We have loved preschool, but we're glad for summer and special time together before school starts!

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