Monday, May 15, 2017

mother's day 2017

We had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!  Jason and the kids celebrated and spoiled me on Saturday.  We went to a fun breakfast spot to start the day and it was so good.  

The Fancy Biscuit did not disappoint!  Jason and I split a shrimp n' grits biscuit, a yummy quiche and ham and cheese grit tots.   

Since we were down in the city for breakfast, we decided to stop by the Science Museum since we were close.  Bryce got a membership for his birthday so it's nice that we can pop in for a short visit every now and then!

We also found ourselves at Target during Frappy Hour so I tried the new midnight mocha frapp!  And it was a good opportunity to show off my Mother's Day gift from Jason, an apple watch!

We had friends over for dinner and ordered in sushi.  It was a great day and I'm so thankful I get to be Bryce and Emmy's mama!

The kids surprised me with a few things Sunday morning.  

Bryce made a poem at school and wrote 'I Love U" in Legos!  Emmy painted a bird house at school and filled out the All About My Mom sheet.  I look forward to these every year!

The kids came home from church with a few treats too!

After church, it was all about our moms.  We had lunch at Jason's sister's house to celebrate his mom, grandma, grandmama and a few others moms in the family!  After plenty of food, baseball and a celebration for Chase's birthday, we picked up my mom and Nanny and went strawberry picking!

These are the memories I love most!

The strawberries were so good!  

They're the best straight off the vine!

I love these two more than they'll ever know!

The past few days had been cold and rainy so it was so refreshing to have such a beautiful day to get out and spend with family!

After strawberry picking we headed back to Mama's and grilled out before heading home for a family walk and then bed! 

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